PHOTOS: David Tennant Describes The Zygons To Billie Piper

Fans of David Tennant will have previously heard him declaring that his all-time favourite classic Doctor Who monster was the Zygons. Today the BBC announced that the alien race were the foe he will be facing in his return to the show for the 50th Anniversary episode.

Last December, attendees at the Starfury Midnight fan convention saw Billie Piper and David discussing the hideous aliens during their guest talk. Asked which monsters they would choose to battle, David urged Billie to choose the Zygons, even though Billie confessed that she had never watched Doctor Who before joining the show

“You once said to me you wanted to battle the Zygons and I always agreed,” bluffed David, “Yeah we both of us were very keen to battle the Zygons.”

He then proceeded to describe them, “They’ve got sort of orangey pointy heads with little suckers down them and mushed up faces,” he said, while demonstrating their appearance to a bemused Billie.

Both Billie and David will be joining Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman in the 50th Anniversary Special which began shooting today. John Hurt and Joanna Page are also named among the cast members and further guest star announcements are expected soon.

It is expected that the show will be screened on BBC One on the 23rd November, the day of the 50th Anniversary. There will also be a limited cinematic release.


  1. What about BBC America? When will we viewers of that channel get to see it?

  2. i hope it'll be aviablie in the usa!! I only get to watch doctor who on bbc america and netflix!! :D


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