Phil Collinson Talks Of His Doctor Who Anniversary Excitement

Former Doctor Who producer Phil Collinson has spoken of his excitement about the show’s proposed 50th Anniversary special, though he added that he never approaches his good friend Steven Moffat for hints and information in case he gives any spoilers away.

Phil spoke to the Mirror shortly before it was confirmed on Saturday that David Tennant and Billie Piper would be returning to their roles for the celebratory episode. He recalled The Five Doctors, a previous anniversary edition which brought together the First to Fifth Doctors for the 20th Anniversary, with Richard Hurndall stepping in for the late William Hartnell and Tom Baker appearing through archive footage.

He said of the prospect of a similar event occurring for the 50th:

“The idea that hopefully... we might get Chris Eccleston, we might get David Tennant and Matt Smith all together in one programme, I just think that's so exciting. And all the others [Doctors] maybe!
"I remember 'The Five Doctors' and how excited I was then as a ten-year-old boy.
"This time it's ridiculous - I'm so excited."

Work on the 50th Anniversary episode started today with the BBC Doctor Who official Twitter site tweeting a picture of David Tennant and Matt Smith at the end of the read through. The episode is expected to screen on the anniversary itself, Saturday 23rd November. 

Source: The Mirror