Listen To David Tennant In The Great Scott Part 1 On BBC Radio 4 Today

David Tennant stars as Walter Scott in The Great Scott on BBC Radio 4 later today. The Fair Maid Of Perth adapted by Scott Cherry is the first of three adaptations of Scott's novels for the Classic Serial strand. 

The Fair Maid Of Perth by Walter Scott
BBC Radio 4, 3pm BST

A beautiful glover's daughter is romantically pursued by a warmongering blacksmith, a poetising prince, a hot-headed clansman and a bumbling bonnet-maker in lawless 14th century Scotland.
In Walter Scott's The Fair Maid of Perth, feeble King Robert III is failing to stop his beloved country being torn apart by warring clans and pillaging nobles - chaos reigns supreme. When our heroine, Catharine Glover, suffers heartbreak and tragedy at the hands of the vengeful Earl of March, a terrible dilemma presents itself.
Should she follow the dictates of her heart by marrying the man she loves - or should she obey her father's wish and shun a world of 'hard iron and barbaric cruelties' by betrothing herself to Christ?

Starring Morven Christie and Hugh Ross. Narrated by David Tennant

By Jane Anderson of the Radio Times

Not one of Walter Scott’s finest novels, this dramatisation is a joy for its simplification of an over-elaborate plot.

The beautiful Catherine (Morven Christie), a lowly glover’s daughter, is desired by four men from very different backgrounds, ranging from a bonnet-maker to a prince. These are lawless times in 14th-century Scotland, where even the king cannot expect any better than treachery, so what hope has a young virgin to be treated well?

Enter her most stalwart defender, the brawling blacksmith Henry (Bryan Larkin), who will fight to the death for her love. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable rip-roaring romp, with the gold-dust sparkle that always accompanies David Tennant, this time narrating the story in the guise of Scott.

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Review source: Radio Times