Latest Casting For The Doctor Who Special Revealed: Jemma Redgrave Back As The Brigadier's Daughter

Jemma Redgrave is the latest cast member announced by the BBC for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. Jemma is reprising her role from the 2012 episode The Power Of Three as UNIT's Kate Stewart, the daughter of the legendary Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart. 

She will join fellow cast members Matt Smith, David Tennant, Jenna-Louise Coleman, Billie Piper, Joanna Page and John Hurt for the special episode which began filming last week. The episode is expected to screen on the 50th Anniversary of the show itself, Saturday 23rd November

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Source: BBC Doctor Who


  1. i wanna know about capt jack

    1. Sadly, your answer to "Capt Jack" is that he won't be in it. It was confirmed a while back.

    2. He's likely too busy with Arrow

  2. Think you will find John Barrowman has already said he's not appearing in the special.


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