Interview And Video Clip: David Tennant Talks To Huffington Post

David Tennant has spoken to Huffington Post about Spies Of Warsaw and Doctor Who.

In Spies Of Warsaw which premières on BBC America tonight, David plays Jean-Francois Mercier, the French military attaché to Warsaw and espionage officer.

"He is a career soldier. He was decorated for what he did in the First World War and for what he's done since, and he brings all that with him," says David, ”But his morality comes up against his duty, because he's working for people who are looking to appease Hitler, and he comes to a point where he realizes he can't toe the party line any longer."

Spies Of Warsaw was adapted from the novels of Alan Furst. David was unfamiliar with the writer's work before reading the script but was drawn in by the multi-layered stories and the level of detail. 

He says, "As an actor who's handed the script, to have that as a source material -- it's so beautifully researched and the details ooze off the page.You really get a sense of the period. It's set in this incredibly rich time in history, but what's really clever about ['Spies'] is that it's about people falling in love, and it's an adventure story, and that's what carries you through.”

David, now confirmed to be returning to the role of the Tenth Doctor for the 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who also talked about his time on the show. 

"Just the making of the series was an incredibly happy time - working with [former 'Doctor Who' executive producer Russell T Davies] and just being part of something that felt quite important at the time and is so celebrated," he reminisces.

Watch episode 1 of Spies Of Warsaw on BBC America tonight from 9pm/8c

Watch an exclusive clip of the episode here:


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