Fan Reaction: Broadchurch Episode Six

Last night saw Episode Six of David Tennant's crime drama, Broadchurch, air on ITV.
We asked fans on our Twitter and Facebook pages what they thought of the drama, thanks to all of you who replied, as usual we loved reading all your thoughts and theories don't forget to join the chat over on our Facebook fan page here: 

About the episode:

Files are piling up at the police station but, with no fresh leads or witnesses, the case is stalling and morale is low. Hardy is stunned when he's told to scale back resources and feels his hope of catching Danny's killer is slipping away. However, at the Broadchurch Echo, Maggie grows determined to solve a mystery that has taken a very personal turn for her. How will her efforts affect the official investigation?

The strain of the apparently stalled investigation into the murder of 11-year-old Danny Latimer is taking a dramatic toll on DI Alec Hardy. He’s been denounced in the national press as “the Worst Cop in Britain” and whatever it is that ails him seems to be getting worse.

It’s eight weeks since Danny’s body was discovered on Broadchurch beach and autumn has arrived. There are signs that the community wants to move on and even Danny’s family are tentatively putting the bricks of their shattered lives back into place. It’s good to see the Latimers smiling again, but the effort is huge. Their son’s killer is still out there, somewhere. 

A selection of your comments:
    • Georgina Jane Petty wowzers .. Nige is dodgy but whats this conspiracy theory about Alec Hardy being the murderer whilst high on tablets or something?! haha
    • Heidi Michelle Bella O'Sullivan I was holding my breath until the end....the suspense is killing me!! Is it her????
    • Joanne Southern Gripping as ever, things are really stepping up now, please don't die though Dave! x
    • Elaine Madcow Pickup Loved it! Tho even more unsure who it is now!
    • Becca Overton If he dies will he regenerate? Wait.. Wrong show hehe! 
    • Carla Harding Bartlett Wow, it was amazing as usual... Definatly think its Ellies husband though....
    • Paul Webley Gotta be honest. The ending isn't good in my opinion. That poor dog.
    • Joanne Rogers Why is this programme weekly? Daily or all in one go? So excited! But did have to cover husband's eyes during dog crossbow incident.
    • Shayla Louise Glover Cried all the way through! Fantatsic show and fantastic writing! The suspense is killing me though 
    • Ami Matthews So intense! I cannot decide who it is!!! The suspense is killing me! However a lot of people seem to think the husband of Ellie Miller and Tom Miller are involved somehow hmmm.
    • Stuart Swaine I laughed when Susan got arrested and in the interview she said 'I want to see my dog' and DI Hardy said 'Solicitor not good enough?'. lol
    • Daisy Price great episode the best one yet,so much suspense!
    • Connie Rodgers fantastic apart from the part with the dog think dauid tennant is brilliant and the programe got loads great actors and actresses in its wicked
    • Gemma Hirst The building up of tension and the constant twists I just can't tell who did it. Though I still have my suspicions
    • Graeme Doig Best thing on TV easily! Brilliant quality if acting and I don't think I'm alone in not having a clue who did it, although Millar's son and husband?????
    • Margaret Aitken Brilliant writing and acting lets hope it is not a disappointing ending it sure has me on the edge if my seat and very confused lol
    • Auriole Wells Excellent stuff, wanted another hour of it straight away!
    • Melissa Camargo I liked how Alec Hardy seemed more human - what with calling his daughter. It's a nice contrast to how he was in the beginning; all rude and grumpy all the time. And the ending cliffhanger was just mean: I'm still not sure exactly what's wrong with him. I liked when Chloe and her parents went out to the arcade and had fun without completely forgetting Danny. It was sweet.
    • Joanna Mitchell Really suspenseful episode tonight. We will know all soon!! But then it will be over. .
    • Megan Louise Vinnicombe It annoys me.. so many unanswered questions.. watch it to receive answers.. get more unanswered questions. Yet I love it so much 
      Dramatic ending, really hope Tennant doesn't die..!!!! Waiting until monday is going to kill me!!
    • Jane Holman Was on the edge of my seat the whole way through! Absolutely brilliant, seriously can't wait another week............
    • Dawn Graham Seriously? We have to wait a whole WEEK to find out what happens next in Broadchurch!!!! I don't think I can cope with the suspense!!!!
    • Tanya Soper Enthralled!!!!! How the hell am I gonna wait another week??!!!!
    • Rebecca York I love how everyone is just on about the dog, haha. I'm hooked, can't wait to find out who dunnit! Best episode so far tonight, David is amazing  x
    • Harold Saxon Brilliant episode! The suspense is gradually getting unbearable, great great drama. Hope there's a second series, I really like the atmosphere!
    • Lara Steele Best programme on TV for a long time ..... look forward to Monday's now!!! And I still have no clue who did it ....
    • Nathan Coles The whole town will be dead soon if they don't solve it
    • Jonathan Collins It's getting very interesting and David tennant is doing a superb job off the role he is playing
    • Judith Weston The suspense has been so well sustained. Incredible characterisation, great script and a tremendous Tennnant performance. It was gripping tonight. That ending! Arrrrgggghhhhh!
    •  Lorraine Elizabeth Gabriel Matulko Mine was Argh! Broadchurch don't end now! What about the dog? What's mad Susan up to?? Who was that running away?! (And 'Do yot want a Rennie?') 
    • Amelia Faulkner I seriously hope the next seven.days hurry up!! I reckon it was nigel in the murder scene. It seems as though its a community based on lies and suspicion rather than the idyllic seaside town we saw at the start of episode 1. Everyone is so suspicious and i keep changing my mind on who the killer is. Wow, best programme ive watched for ages!!
    • Amy Rose Leech Leaves me frustrated at the end of each episode, but in a good way cos it means I'm totally loving it and have become somewhat emotionally involved with the characters and the story. Must admit the bit with the dog in the van did make me yell at the screen. Looking forward to next week.
    • Anthony MagicMan Collins What a great episode more and more suspicious people and what a cliffhanger had me on the each of my seat cant wait for the next episode things are getting more and more dramatic 
    • Joshua Bosley Still sticking to my theory that its Millers Husband. Especially in tonight's episode, he was the figure running away and called her to distract and escape. Just saying.
    • Emma Phillips Completely baffled. David Tennant is a legend as always. Everyone hates Mondays but they can't get here quick enough just for another glimpse. More of him on the telly please.
    • Amanda Canup Ok, what do we talk about tonight? Hardy finally asking Miller if he irks her? (seriously?) Hardy dressed up as Lady Gaga? (Thanks Miller for that picture!) Nige better not have - so help me! But why would he want to hurt the dog? At any rate, Hardy may figure out who killed Danny because he will be able to ask him himself. Nothing like screaming at the screen during the last five minutes of the episode!
    • Cathy Barr Loving it - best drama on ITV for ages, BUT PLEASE STOP THE IDIOTS TALKING OVER THE THEME TUNE AT THE END
    • Rosalind Clare Hardy Also Olivia Coleman and David Tennant should win a best Actress and best Actor award for this... They are so fantastic
    • Madie Wubker Oh my gosh! Shooting a dog with a crossbow is not okay. And Hardy you better not die! What is wrong with you?!?
    • Vivienne Johnstone Best drama I have watched in ages.
    • Alison Kitching Well written, well cast and brilliantly acted!
    • Diane Good First class episode yet again. It is edge of your seat Top class storyline and acting. Look forward to watching the final two.
    • Caroline Sell Absolutely hooked....and still anyone could have gone it. Although Ellie's husband and son are looking more suspect. Hope not though. Ellie is a good woman and it would destroy her. Oh I can't stand the suspense!!!
    • Ally Hollick What a fab episode. We still haven't worked out who has done it. .... Think Tom is in the frame and Nigel too. One week to long to wait. Aghhhhh
    • Teresa Molloy I think the mother of the murdered girl who met Danny's mother is David Tennant's ex and that his daughter is dead?
    • Jane Allison Really into this series! The way it builds, twists, and plays with your mind compares favourably to The Killing - the real one though, not the US horrible copy. And love the music!
    • Lynne Smith It is brilliant no sooner do you suspect one person than another one seems to be in the frame. In one way I want it to finish but on the other hand I am really enjoying it I don't want it to end, I wish there was more like this.
    • Melinda White i got to say, this is one of the best dramas that i have seen. why can't we see stuff like this more often?
    • Lianne Vincent Very good , rather intense !

    Broadchurch continues on Monday 15th April at 9pm on ITV


    1. Can't wait to see it here in the states.

    2. I'm wondering if he has a stomach ulcer. Oh, a week is too long.


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