Fan Reaction: Broadchurch Episode Seven

Last night saw Episode Seven of David Tennant's crime drama, Broadchurch, air on ITV.
We asked fans on our Twitter and Facebook pages what they thought of the drama, thanks to all of you who replied, as usual we loved reading all your thoughts and theories don't forget to join the chat over on our Facebook fan page here: 

About the episode:

Following recent events, Miller is more isolated than ever before as she tries to find out what happened at the clifftop hut. Meanwhile, the police are circling Susan as Nige grows increasingly desperate for her to leave Broadchurch. What is she hiding? And which members of the local community hold the key to Danny's death? 

A selection of your comments:

  • Graeme Doig Was convinced last week that Millers husband had something to do with it. Not sure now. Nige & the father are looking dodgy again!
  • Jo Liles Bloody hell!
    Whoop, the dog is alive 
  • Jojo Howard Still convinced it's Ellie Miller, to protect her son!
  • Jenny Ayres Thank god the dog is very much alive phew!!!
    If it wasnt nige then who did it????? 
    And what is milers son hinding??
  • Maria Hedley I still want to know WHY she took the skateboard and why Tom deleted the texts and email and smashed up the comp.....
  • Emma Lugsden Ball I still don't have any idea who did it!
  • Michelle Reed More twists than a helter skelter loving it xxxx
  • Becki Calisi amazing show I love how "David Tennant " can slip into any role and do it so wonderfully I never get bored when he's in a show , I love the little twists in the show that has you wondering all the way through who the killer is .
  • Maria Hedley Darn!!! Hurry up next week!!!
  • Alison Hume Omg, OMG sooo frustrating!!!!
  • Paige McKillop I want to find out who it is but I don't want it to end!
  • Paul Alexander Millers husband, has to be him...especially after miller asked Susan how she didn't know what was happening in her own house? Biggest clue ever imo....It was Mr Miller.....
  • Joanne Jackson Love it! Don't want it to end!
  • Tammi Wilson cant wait for next weeks episode........but don't want it to come to an end!
  • Iuliana Gabriela Gheorghita Of course he knows who the killer is know, and the episode stops. But by the way he said it has to be someone obvious the question is who?
  • Denise Coker Argh! Why isn't next week already!
  • John Vince Brilliant. Must win some television awards when they are given out.
  • Caroline Rason Brilliant, love it, just hope Alec's heart holds out! Desperate to know who done it, but really don't want it to finish!
  • Nathan Correlli My (virtually 30 year) reputation of guessing the killer, etc. in detective series is about to be ruined ... I hope you're pleased with yourselves! 
  • Rebecca Newson Oh god it's so bloody tense. I literally suspect everyone (even David Tennant at this point). I don't think I'll ever be able to sleep until I find out the answer next Monday. The waiting may kill me. Love this series so much I hate it 
  • Andrea Avery-Barnes Still confused. Aaaargh!
  • Kerry Nightingale Another thrilling episode and I still can't work out who did it brilliant acting and plot gripping viewing.
  • Stephanie Friend Wow. Incredible writing and magnificent cast performances. Cannot wait for next week.
  • Paul Alexander So my wife reckons that millers husband has been abusing Tom....danny found out and he killed him....we reckon Hardy has just seen that evidence on the laptop....nice scene at the end of the millers in bed and him being blurred out....awesome programme 
  • Angie Wright Another brilliant episode!! One more to go. Don't want to wait another week 
  • Amanda Canup That ending was so not fair! But...we did find out a bunch during this hour - Vince is still alive (whew!), the Nige and Susan connection (didn't see that coming), Nige and Danny connection (wha??), Hardy's past (David did a fabulous job in that scene!)."If working with you isn't annoying enough..." Hardy really let Miller have it this episode. I have a feeling next week is going to be spectacular.
  • Michael Pullen Hurry up with the next one 
  • Rebecca Rose I want it to be Monday 9pm NOW can't wait, so good, can decide how done it, keep changing my mind x
  • Ginger Crawford Blew me away. DT is a thespian GOD. I've thought all along Tom was in on this...
  • Vivienne Johnstone My favourite programme at the moment and best drama I have seen in a long time.
  • James Morgan What's on the computer????!!!!! Man its killing me
  • Andy Spittle Brilliant episode, drawing to an even better conclusion
  • Wendy Bosberry-Scott Pauline Quirke is excellent tonight.
  • Charmaine Francis I love this show. Really grips my attention and keeps me guessing. Not many programs. Do that. Can't wait til next week. glad the dog is ok 
  • Karen Wood I've been a follower of David Tennant since the early 80's. He never fails in his roles. Love Broadchurch! Ellie's son knows what happened 
  • Simone Mason Brilliant - still gripping until the end.
  • Pauline Turnbull My head is spinning I can usually figure it out by now but this is so well done I'm stumped
  • Vicki Cotterell Such powerful television - truly gripping, and wonderfully acted 
  • Courtney Johnston Argh I have no idea who it is! So many suspicions!
  • Niall Mc Dermott Edge of my seat
  • Chris Proper Mcdonough brilliant hope they do another series with david going back and sorting out the case that he didnt mess up...that would be cool
  • Bethica Winter It was so good. So many different ppl could have done it. Hope he solves it in time x
  • Angela Rose Murphy great drama x david tennant amazing as usual....yes i do miss him lol and pauline quirk tonite eventually showed what a fantastic actress she is.....been waiting for that in this drama x
  • Jo Wendes I cannot express how much I enjoy this program, it is beautifully shot, superbly acted and just great viewing! AND I still can't work out who did it!!!
  • Julie Walker Green Didnt want it to end tonight! Getting rather exciting now x ♡
  • Carly Bland Def getting it on DVD to watch the behind the scenes footage and of course watch it again
  • Monika Kalinowska The ep was amazing! I can't believe that only one more episode to end! I started to watch the series for DT, but it turned out that it is a great show... and I don't want to be finished. But I'm damn curious who the murderer is ^^ I got no clue. I suspect a priest, but I'm probably wrong 
  • AlyssaLitez Keily Loved tonight's episode!!!! The whole series is BRILLIANT!!! I am sooo glad that they didn't kill off Hardy, I don't think hardy did it but I suspect Tom is hiding something..
  • Rosi Sundin Hmmmmm it has to be something connected to Miller's son. Just wish I had a TARDIS to go to next week.... I'm looking forward to the Politician's Husband already. Watching David Tennant perform is such a treat. He can make me laugh, he can make me cry, but most of all, oh boy does he make me sigh... I am terrible at the whodunit thing... can't ever figure out who did it... It's going to be a looooooong week.