Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Filming Videos (SPOILERS)

Filming for the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Special, which will star Matt Smith and David Tennant as the Eleventh and Tenth Doctors has continued today.
The action is currently taking place in London and Matt and Jenna-Louise Coleman were filming scenes in Trafalgar Square this morning.
The BBC have kindly released a video featuring a few snippets of what's been happening this morning which you can view below:

Another video of yesterday's filming with Jenna Louise Coleman, Jemma Redgrave and Ingrid Oliver at the Tower Of London has also been added:

Photo with thanks to @ColinBakerFans


  1. The content does not work :[ perhaps it is because I am in the US?

  2. The BBC posted them on their YouTube account. So you should be able to watch them there. I'm also stateside and had to go there.

  3. Here's the BBC youtube page:


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