Coming Soon: The Master’s Fob Watch Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Edition

Just announced: this special edition of the Masters fob watch in silver features all 11 Doctors on the dial to celebrate the 50th Anniversary. The perfect accessory for any Doctor Who fan!

The watch will be available from Amazon, Forbidden Planet, Character Online and the BBC Shop and it is thought that the retail price may be around £35-40. Full details including retail price, release date and pre-order links are to follow.


  1. omg... thats awesome... i want one..

  2. I totally can't wait until they come out! I want one so bad hehe :) So Awesome!!

  3. Just give me a moment, I'm trying to justify buying this in my head. I really don't need it, it wouldn't be useful at all... ah screw it, have all of my money!


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