Broadchurch's Pauline Quirke On Playing Sinister Susan

As the investigation into Danny's death continues it's not looking good for loner Susan Wright, who was this week taken in for questioning by Hardy and Miller after handing over Danny's skateboard to young Tom..
Pauline Quirke says:
“You see her from episode one. She is very mysterious and there’s something not right, some secret she has got or something she is hiding which you do discover later on. That side of the character story develops a little bit more. Susan is very dark and has rather a sinister presence. The only thing she shows any emotion for is her dog. She seems to be totally cold. She just seems to always be there just watching and lurking and listening.
 “It has been a fascinating character to play. Bearing in mind we didn’t get the scripts until very near the time of filming so we were all intrigued about the kind of character we were portraying. We found out about them as people will when they watch the show. I have really enjoyed it.”

And filming in the West Country was a real bonus for Pauline.
“I have absolutely fallen in love with the place. I loved being at West Bay and when I got the chance I’d go off exploring. I have been to Lyme Regis and lots of other places just having a wander round with Bailey. I have really got to see parts of Dorset that I have never seen before. Even when the weather turned cold, it was still beautiful. Even doing night shoots in the pouring rain on the beach, I have still really enjoyed it.”

With thanks to ITV Media Centre