Broadchurch: Your Top Suspects For The Penultimate Week

Tonight it's the penultimate episode of Broadchurch, the incredible crime drama series that has everyone talking. Check out who has made your top suspects list this week as we start to head towards what is undoubtedly going to be a thrilling conclusion

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Spoilers below. 

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1. Joe Miller  

Played by Matthew Gravelle

Joe is this week’s top suspect by an absolute landslide. He hasn't done anything obviously suspicious though, in fact quite the contrary. We have never seen him do anything more than be a good father, a supportive husband, a dab hand in the kitchen. However, there is an overall air of creepiness about Joe. He’s made pointed remarks to both Ellie and Hardy about their suspects and whether they will catch the killer. And his reaction to Hardy talking to son Tom seemed too heavy handed, as though he was scared that the boy would spill something he shouldn't  Where Tom is concerned he seems to be too protective, almost smothering. And remember, somebody called Ellie’s phone in the boatyard. Coincidence or an attempt to distract her?
(Last week – no. 2)

Joshua Bosley Still sticking to my theory that its Millers Husband. Especially in tonight's episode, he was the figure running away and called her to distract and escape. Just saying. To further prove its Millers husband, he is a paramedic and so knows about killing, he's been controlling their son and he had a creepy smile in tonight episode, says it all.

Tracey Nana Lace Hoskins One theory...did millers hubby do it, susan saw it and took the skateboard, giving it to Tom knowing his dads prints all over it? 

Charlene U Hill Millars husband done it, i reckon danny was bullying tom and the dad found out and killed him, sure hes always at playground watching over him very very protective dad lost the plot,,, and susan knows thats why she was sneaky and sent skateboard home with tom to wind up the dad,,,i love this series so much :)x

Susan Keeping I'm leaning towards the policewoman's husband. I think the others are just red herrings. However, I think that Tom thinks he is responsible...

Caroline Skipper Tom Miller didn't strangle him - "big hands", but his father could have to protect Tom in some way....Ollie's mum obviously has some key evidence Ellie has dismissed as attention seeking.....Susan and Nige seem too obvious at this point - though obviosly involved in something.....Arrrrggghhhh!!!!!

Eileen Stout The millers were on holiday but Ellie was back in work the morning they found Danny so the dad could still have done it during the night. Maybe he got back of holiday and found out something about danny that made him snap!! Anyway, I love it!! DT cant die though! I'll be livid! 

Anne Warby  I noticed that when Ellie was circulating and observing everyone's behaviour after the remembrance funeral, that she did notice her husband's demeanour differed from everyone elses, though it looks like it struck her on an unconscious level. When her son was talking to Alec on the stairs, her husband was quick to put an end to the exchange in what I thought was a very unfriendly fashion, considering the meal they had all shared with Ellie at her home one evening. My money is on Ellies's husband, though what he has been up to remains a mystery yet to unfold. 

2. Tom Miller   

Played by Adam Wilson

Young Tom’s suspicious behaviour struck a chord with many. We still have the unexplained texts (some received in the early hours of the morning and from 'Mum') and emails that Tom deleted when he first heard of Danny’s death. Then there’s his growing concern about the contents of his hard drive and the ease with which data could be recovered, leading him to take drastic action to destroy the evidence. Finally there was his uncharacteristic outburst about Danny. But is Tom guilty – remember that the pathologist said that a man, or someone with large hands strangled Danny – or is he covering up for someone. And why would a police officer’s son put himself in danger by going to a stranger’s home? Did he have his own reasons for wanting to get close to Susan? Perhaps he and Danny already had suspicions about her for something else.
(Last week – no. 5)

Jan Richardson The female copper's son!!! Think it will turn out to be an accident!

Pat Couchman Tom and I still think it was a tragic accident.

Danielle Watson My number one suspect is Tom Miller, I dont think Tom's dad killed him but maybe helped him cover it up by trying to make it look like an accident.. I need to rewatch the whole series again

Helen Daubeney The police women's son and his dad knows about it and covering up. He is too nice. Also all the overs, postman, vicar, plummer, both dads run a drugs ring. The kid that died was the carrier. The lady in the caravan runs it. That's why she is trying to get the other lad to hers now.

Caitlin Daniels Kroeger Bit confused as to why tom lashed out like that at the guys funeral!! And the smashing of the laptop! Am starting to get suspicious of tom miller!!!

Angharad Williams I think Tommy Miller (son of Ellie) and Danny snuck out and it got out of hand, Tommy accidentally killed Danny but didn't tell anyone.

3. Nige Carter   

Played by Joe Sims

Nige was the leader of the gang that intimidated Jack and drove him to his death. He’s quick to anger, but at the same time seemed quite light-hearted in dealing with the grief of the Latimer family. He has an unexplained link to Susan that has led him to attack her in a way that he knows is guaranteed to cause her maximum distress (poor Vince). It also shows Nige as someone without much concern for life. Could he show the same disregard towards another person?
(Last week – no. 4)

Tracy Wignall  I do think it's him with the bald head who killed the dog. Just awful, he was having fun and showed no remorse what so ever.

Andrea Unsted The boy had probably sent nasty mail to Danny (cyber bullying) and is trying to hide the evidence. I think that Susan is the guy with the crossbows real Mum and the guy with the crossbow is the one who did it. He riled everyone up re Jack to get them off his scent.

Freya Tora Its the little git who took the poor dog, I reckon he killed the lad. He's too quick to point the finger and too bloody cheery

Amber Kinion nige, susan covered it up for him

Kathryn McAfee I think it the guy who works with mark

Brigitte Kozlowski I think it's the friend of Danny's dad who did it as well. He seems shifty and he killed the dog!

4. Susan Wright   

Played by Pauline Quirke

Susan was the prime suspect last week, but this week, in spite of the evidence staking up against her, she’s dropped down the suspects’ table slightly. We learnt, from Maggie’s research, that creepy Susan was implicated in an earlier case for which her ex-husband was convicted, which is possibly something to do with child murders. Susan also tempted Tom to her caravan. For what reason, we still don’t know, but when she found out who Tom’s mother was she started acting strangely and handed Tom the skateboard she had stashed in her cupboard, even though she must have realised that it would implicate her. It was almost as if she wanted to be noticed by the police – she certainly walked straight into Maggie’s trap. One thing is for sure: with Susan in custody it certainly wasn’t her breaking into the hut
(Last week – no. 1)

Michelle Reed Still sticking with susan she’s been very shady in past episodes

Holly Alicia Dixon I still think that Susan has some thing to do with Danny's murder and now she's going for tom miller.

Paul Olinger i think it's the woman who lives in the camping because she's very mysterious

Joe Jackson well i agree that Susan either knows something or did the deed her self.

Anna Dechilly I feel like the whole town has something to hide and that's what makes it interesting, because you don't know who has something to hide about the murder and which secrets haven't got anything to do with it. Only Susan seems like she could be the main suspect. I think she planned on giving Tom the skateboard for a long time so that she could get rid of the evidence. What I don't understand is why Tom didn't think it was suspicious that Susan had it. As the son of a cop he should know that the skateboard is important, shouldn't he?

5. Reverend Paul Coates    

Played by Arthur Darvill

The vicar may have been at the top of DI Hardy’s list but he was certainly less suspected by the viewers. Hardy took offence at Paul apparently targeting him, and he’d also discovered that Paul had been violent towards a child in the past, although Paul insisted that the incident had been an accident. Paul’s alcoholism also counted against him, and Hardy also spotted the vicar with his hand on Tom Miller’s knee. Paul also cannot supply an alibi for the night of the murder. He’d also hired out Olly’s boat in the past. However, he did not seem concerned by Tom’s questions about deleted files, which you would think he might do if he had involved the boys in something through his computer club. But what was the meaning of his comment to Danny that he wouldn’t charge him this time? Paul is young, fit and active – we know that he plays football with Mark – so fits the profile of the person who ran from the hut, but it’s possible that he was discovering Danny with his smashed laptop just as the break in took place.
(Last week – no.3)

Kirsty Birch Maybe it is the vicar...well the case is broad and the killer works in a church lol broadchurch lol get it!

Dale Smith I think the priest is guilty or he knows something because the murderer has confessed to him. I think he is definitely knows something.

Suzi Wiltshire I think it's the vicar, I've thought so from episode one and I'm sticking to my guns! Amazing programme though. Thoroughly enjoying it!

Dominique Bailey Is the clue in the title of the programme? broadchurch? church.....vicar?

6. DI Alec Hardy    

Played by David Tennant

There is still a theory that Alec committed the murder himself to restore the faith of his employers in him, but he’s now having a tough time finding someone he can apparently pin the blame on. He was certainly reluctant to offer Jack any protection, and now he’s gone all out looking for a way to implicate Paul. Perhaps he knows that his illness is terminal so he wants to clear his name before it’s too late. Cate Gillespie, mother of one of the Sandbrook victims, warned Beth that Hardy was not to be trusted and said that evidence had gone missing and the whole trial had been mishandled, plus there was more that she could not say. And just what was Hardy searching for in the police station after the rest of his team had left? In addition we still want to learn more about his family circumstances. And then there’s his illness. Is Hardy even going to be with us still in episode 7?
(Last week - no. 6)

Melissa Francis Wow, this episode really threw it all in the blender didn't it? Absolutely gripping stuff! I still want it to be Alec Hardy (sorry, we love you David but Alec Hardy is top of my suspicion list...)

Gavin Musselwhite Could be Alec failed last case so created a new one to solve even if its himself.

Angie Bays I think alec hardy did it, to improve his rep as a detective. He’s just waiting to choose the right person to frame!!!!!

Alan Gilmour McWhan Alec Hardy did it. It was his guilt over failing to find the killers in the other case, drove him insane.

Joe Edwards I think hardy did it so that he could make up for the mistakes he made on his last case and redeem himself. If everyone hated him already he would have nothing to lose and it would explain the black outs and dreams if he is trying to keep up a front under extreme stress and guilt.

7. Olly Stevens   

Played by Jonathan Bailey

Our theory has always been that Olly committed the murder in order to get that big scoop that would take him out of Broadchurch and onto a national paper, also solving his mum’s financial woes along the way. This seems to have backfired a little when Karen swooped in onto the story and took all the glory for herself. Olly also feels remorse over what happened to Jack. It was his research that got twisted into the inflammatory stories about the newsagent that appeared in the national press. Olly also owned the boat that was probably used to transport Danny’s body to the beach.
(Last week – no. 8)

Kara Smallman I think its the reporter, Miller's nephew. However I think they have all been up to bad things or have dark stories!

Princess Christie Racher Ellie's nephew because he wanted a story to put on the papers

8. Becca Fisher  

Played by Simone McAullay

People are starting to notice that Becca Fisher’s hotel / bar is a focal point for much of the activity that goes on. She’s also dealt in drugs, slept with a married man and is now apparently romantically pursuing the vicar. She also has financial problems. She was reluctant to get too close to Alec Hardy, but this could equally be because she knows the seriousness of his condition. And if Mark has some hours of his alibi unaccounted for then presumably Becca does too
(Last week – no. 10)

Amanda Jayne Mackay Well I think maybe one person they havnt suspected is the pub/hotel owner she might have slept with the husband but there was still a bit of a time while he was waiting for her in the car park

Meredith Floate I still think the hotel owner is smack in the middle of this. Her connection to the family and the kids, plus her ability to keep secrets and secret dealings. She makes the police leave her alone because she doesn't want her business to suffer. I'm gonna say it was her.

9. Dean Thomas  

Played by Jacob Anderson

Even though Dean showed himself to be a kind and considerate farmer’s son who cared for Chloe’s wellbeing, there is still the question about the drugs which he supplied to Chloe for Becca. However, Becca did mention that it took ages for the cocaine to arrive, implying that Dean is a casual user rather than the centre of a major drugs cartel. It’s also possible that his kindness to Chloe has come from guilt
(Last week – unsuspected)

Carly Bland I reckon it's the daughters bf, or the reporter

Shari Bray I re-watched all the episodes the other day and I'm starting to think it might be Dean the boyfriend...

10. Steve Connelly

Played by Will Mellor

Steve appeared briefly in Alec Hardy’s dream, so he’s still on the detective’s mind. We need to get the bottom of his ‘predictions’ and find out what really is behind them. Are we going to see him returning to stalk the investigation? Does he know more about Hardy than he’s letting on? Does he know more about the death of Danny Latimer?
(Last week – unsuspected)

Debbie Doo Dah I think it's either Miller's husband or its will Mellor the psychic, cause we haven't seen him for a couple of week and his part in the storyline seems pointless to me so far, just wish it would hurry and finish so I know lol

11. Cate Gillespie

Played by Amanda Drew

Cate was introduced to Beth as one of the bereaved parents from the Sandbrook case. The result was a powerful and poignant meeting of two grieving mothers’ Some believe that Cate’s resentment over Hardy’s handling of the case has tipped her over the edge
(Last week – unsuspected)

Paul Alexander New suspect for me....Cate Gillespie, the mother of the girl that was killed during Hardy's last post. Case never solved so she holds him responsible and could be using this as a means to get revenge?? Also, you don't use an actress like Amanda Drew for a 5 minute cameo?? Do you??? Just a thought

12. Jack Marshall 

Played by David Bradley

Poor dead Jack is still popping up in the suspects list. Some of you believe that, even though his back story proves he was not the threat to the town’s children that Nige and the press make out, he killed himself out of guilt and not fear
(Last week – unsuspected)

Richard J Malyon the shopkeep thats why he killed him self and the vicar know this cos he saw it

13. Mark Latimer   

Played by Andrew Buchan

Mark has two hours unaccounted for on the night of his murder. Long enough for Danny to confront him and for Mark to kill him and fake an apparent accident? Did that short temper get the better of him? Mark looks like he is trying to rebuild his family – but can we take all of this newfound domestic bliss at face value?
(Last week – no. 11)

14. DS Ellie Miller   

Played by Olivia Colman

Why would perfect Ellie commit such a terrible crime? Perhaps she was protecting her own son Danny. Or maybe she got wind that she’d lost out on her promotion so she and Joe acted together to set up Hardy for a fall. 
(Last week – no. 9)

15. Beth Latimer     

Played by Jodie Whittaker

The grief stricken Beth seems hardly likely to have killed her own son, but viewers are working on the assumption that the least likely suspect is probably the killer.
(Last week – no. 7)

16. Maggie Radcliffe    

Played by Carolyn Pickles

Maggie could be after that one last scoop before she retires. She’s also proven that if the dirt is there on someone then she will dig it. She could probably quite easily uncover enough evidence to frame anyone for the murder, while leaving herself in the clear.
(Last week – no. 12)

17. Liz Roper     

Played by Susan Brown

Some of you just really, really want it to be Danny’s grandma. It’s the principal of it being the least likely suspect again
(Last week – no.13)

18. Vince the Dog

Played by Bailey

(Last week – unsuspected)

Jilka Brandt Think the dog jumped Danny... knocking him over so he got injured and then bled out. Susan and Nige saw what happened and placed Danny on the beach. Explains why Nige killed the dog...

19. Lucy Stevens

Played by Tanya Franks

We know that Ellie’s sister Lucy has financial troubles. We also know that she saw something on the night of the killing. Where was she and how deeply is she implicated?
(Last week – no. 14)

20= Chloe Latimer   

Played by Charlotte Beaumont

Again, Chloe is suspected because there is little reason to suspect her. Don’t forget the drugs, though. Did Danny find something out?
(Last week – unsuspected)

Michelle Bates His sister,cus she's the only one no one suspects

20= Karen White

Played by Vicky McClure

Karen resents Hardy being on another high-profile case after the collapse of the Sandbrook trial. Would she actually go as far as to set something up to discredit him again. It hasn’t done her career any harm too, has it?
(Last week – unsuspected)

Other suspects

SOCO Brian
Played by Peter De Jersey

Has always had the opportunity to tamper with evidence. But what is his motive? Getting close to Ellie?
(Last week – no. 15)

Kevin Green (The postman)
Played by Jack Ashton

Kevin seems to have disappeared, but he was mentioned as someone who once borrowed Olly’s boat

The owner of the hut

The other keyholder. Could it have been them inside the hut that night?

Oh, and one more thing...

Here's the detail of Tom's deleted phone messages. Check the date - assuming that Tom has the date and time set correctly on his phone, they are probably about three months before the murder. Check the times. And check who else was messaging him at the same time...


  1. And it goes on and on and on and at a snail's pace!

  2. Remember what the murdered boy supposedly said to the psychic " tell mum to stop looking cause it wont help" That what makes me think it is Tom and the dad covered for him by finishing the job.


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