Broadchurch: Your Top Suspects For This Week

It's Monday again and it's Broadchurch day. Episode six will no doubt be dealing with the aftermath of the shocking conclusion last week. With a major suspect apparently out of the running the investigation will have to take off again in a whole new direction. Here's who you decided were your top suspects for this week based on the evidence so far

Spoilers below

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1. Susan Wright   

Played by Pauline Quirke

The thoroughly unpleasant Susan has jumped to the top of the suspects list. She has a skateboard in her caravan that could be Danny’s and she holds the keys to the murder scene. There’s a question mark hanging over her true identity and the possible name change; Susan has lied and misrepresented herself and gets her own way through the type of threatening, bullying behaviour that we’ve seen directed at both Nige and Maggie. Of course this could all be a great big red herring – would the real killer be acting as suspiciously? But a huge number of people this week were concerned with her overtures towards Tom Miller and think this could be a clue to the reasons for Danny’s death and a clue that she is mixed up in the killing. Perhaps we need to find out what brand of cigarettes she smokes…
(Last week – no. 2)

You said:

Robyn Kenyon  I want to know more about susan! I think she did it!

Holly Alicia Dixon I think the murder of Danny has something to do with the women that has the dog and lives in the caravan. As why would she have Danny's skateboard and now she's moving onto Danny's friend.

Marshaa Robinson I think Susan Wright is the killer and Nige Carter is the accomplice. There's too many evidence stacking up against her and, with the cigarette as new evidence, DNA might lead the police towards her. I'm worried Tom Miller might the next victim -- I hope I'm wrong.


Anna Giladi I say the creepy trailer park lady has something to do with it. She's bitter as if she's missed out on something essential in life, like parenting. So she works with kids. But she's still not having any of her own. So this frustration with having to make do with providing nerve-wrecking fun for other happier peoples' kids, makes her resent children. Now she's hooked the next one using her dog. 
She's not the misunderstood nice lady. She threatened a woman to have her raped. Come on.

2. Joe Miller   

Played by Matthew Gravelle

Yet again, the too good to be true husband of Ellie Miller ranks highly among the suspects – in fact nationally, bookies Ladbrookes have him as evens favourite to be the killer. Many believe he’s involved in something and that his son Tom knows about this, hence his all-consuming worry. Is the fact that he used to be a paramedic significant – could he fake elements of the murder scene to misdirect police? Or is it a drugs thing? And, importantly, does this implicate Ellie, because surely she and Joe are one another’s alibis
(Last week- no. 3)

You said:

Diane Gibbons I think dc miller's husband has something to do with it and their son knows as well. Excellent drama and david tennant is excellent in it x

Danni Ackroyd I think there is more to millers husband and son... Son asking lots of questions about how long you get for murder, has he seen his dad murder Danny?

Lorraine Robinson I think it's Miller's husband!! I think their son is worried because he knows his Dad is the killer!!!

Dee Long Its defo Ellie's Husband. My theory is Danny and Tom were up to no good and Danny threatened to tell on Tom so Dad stepped in. Tom had the evidence on his phone and computer and has deleted it to protect his dad.....just a theory but Ellie's husband is too quiet. He would have known about his nephews boat and had access.

Arlene Bradley  I think it's Joe Miller because he's selling drugs and was using Danny to distribute them through his paper delivery.

3. Reverend Paul Coates

Played by Arthur Darvill

Paul is another character with secrets to reveal. He has no alibi for the night of the killing and it would be good to know the cause of his insomnia. What did Paul do before he became a vicar? He seems to have some business and accountancy knowledge. Did something happen to turn him to God? Did the students in his Computer Club uncover something that Paul would prefer to be kept quiet? Was Danny blackmailing him – hence the money under his bed?
(Last week – no. 1)

You said:

Louise 'lulu' Smith I think it's the vicar (Rory). Don't know why, just a couple if little things. He said that jack was 'innocent'. Maybe he knows this because he did it...?

Alysia Szabo I still got my mind made up with the vicar. He just seems to be hiding so much more than he lets on.

Teresa Molloy The vicar - he's never had such a massive congregation!

4. Nige Carter

Played by Joe Sims

Nige was adamant that Jack was guilty and led the campaign against him. The type of person the press love, perhaps, easily manipulated, ready to swallow any half baked story that they read if it suits their believes. Or was he using Jack’s story as a convenient smoke screen for his own guilt. Besides, he’s shown himself as a volatile sort, quick to anger, spoiling for a fight. Did he turn this on Danny for some reason? He’s certainly linked to whatever Susan Wright has going on. And that crossbow is still in the back of the van.
(Last week – no. 4)

You said:

Angie Bays I think its the dads plumber mate, caravan woman is definately a bad egg though....something v wrong about her!!!!!

Amanda Penrose I think Danny's friend Tom got a message on his phone that something was up. Danny was trying to escape from the sex ring that was going on at the hut. And they stuck him in a boat and took him to the cliff. Pauline Quirk was walking her dog on the beach. Tom tries to grab Danny but he ends up falling off the cliff. Where Danny's dad friend the bald headed guy realising Danny is still alive finishes him off by strangling him.

Maxine Horne Nige did it, after he found Tom and Danny playing with his crossbow. Dodgy caravan lady helped clean up, Tom scared he might be next

Monil Santilal Nigel? He looks completely flustered everytime and he's had two interactions with that shifty woman.

5. Tom Miller    

Played by Adam Wilson

Many of you think that Tom’s constant worry is a sure sign of his guilt, and we still don’t know the content of those deleted phone messages and computer files. Still, with data retrieval underway on Danny’s devices it’s only a matter of time before something comes to light. Some think Tom is guilty because he knows the true identity of the killer. Others think that Danny’s death was an accident – although, remember that strangulation and not injury was found to be the cause of death.
(Last week – no. 5)

You said:

Pascale Van Gils I think the other little boy killed his friend by accident...

Erin Cathcart I'm not sure but I keep coming back to Miller's son, Tom. He knows something for sure. I don't know if he was involved but he certainly knows who it was.

Sarah McDade I also think its the son. Probably an accident, too.

6. DI Alec Hardy  

Played by David Tennant

Hardy – the ailing, possibly dying, detective with a major blot on his professional record and a personal life in tatters has much to prove to redeem himself in the eyes of others. Did he kill Danny himself so he could apparently solve the crime and restore his reputation? If this is the case then he’s making a very poor job of showing himself in a good light at the moment; arguably he’s just confirming his own ineptitude. Some people believe that Hardy’s mystery illness is the key to the case – that he killed Danny while under the influence of some sort of psychotic episode that he does not remember
(Last week – no. 6)

You said:

Ashley Plumridge While the show is making you think it was everyone else who killed Danny, what if it was Tennant's character? Something bad happened in his last case. What if it messed with him? He could have done it, then started working just in time at the police station to "work the case". As for rude dog lady and Danny's Dad's friend... they could have something totally unrelated going on, that is still bad and don't want the cops to know about. Saying all that... I hope it's not David's character, lol.

Rob Alderson David Tennant's character has a split personality & it was the other personality that killed the boy.

Ashley Pearson I reckon that Hardy is the killer. It would be an amazing plot twist.

7. Beth Latimer   

Played by Jodie Whittaker

Last week, nobody suspected Beth as the murderer of her own son. This week she’s jumped back into the suspects table. Was this due to her violent and furious outbursts directed towards Mark, Becca and Paul? Did she already know about her husband’s affair? Was she trying to punish or frame him? Becca also seems very close to Paul – she says she’s never been unfaithful to Mark, but is it still worth bearing in mind?
(Last week – unranked)

Tina Gibbins I think it's the mum that's done it as she's not the obvious one

Gwen Avery this is a brilliant piece of television can't wait for 9 o clock Monday now i love dt but the others are so good round him to i think its his mum i think Danny was going to the lady in the caravan and his mum found out i don't think she meant it thou

Francis Edge The priest and the Mother got a bit frisky and the boy saw. They chased after him to calm him down and his death was an accident caused by their behaviour!

8. Olly Stevens   

Played by Jonathan Bailey

Our own suspect
Unsuspected Olly has a troubled family life and the unscrupulous, driving ambition to further his career and get him out of Broadchurch. Would he kill to get his big break? Did he know that the boat was missing already. And even when reporting the theft to the police, Olly was still looking for his scoop. And don’t forget that it was Olly’s research that put Jack in the frame for the murder.
(Last week – no.9)

You said:

Fi Tyeson There's so many people it could be, but I think it will be someone completely unexpected! For all we know it could be Olly or that older lady he works for at the news paper.

Laura Cunniffe I think it could be the young reporter. He's never had to supply an alibi for the night of the murder. The boat Danny was killed in was his, and he told the woman reporter he'd show her how to get out to where the boat was - meaning he could have done it and convenient that he had her there as a witness when he found it 'missing'. Plus his mum went round to Ellie asking for money in return for information about the murder. Plus all the story's he's leaked that help incriminate other characters. I think he did it for the simple reason they needed money and this would boost the amount of reporting and help his career.

9. DS Ellie Miller  

Played by Olivia Colman

Ellie is just too good to be true, the nicest person in town and right at the heart of the community. She’s also shown a ferocious protectiveness towards those she loves. How far would she take that if a member of her family was threatened? We also need to remember that she and Joe  probably provided one another’s alibis, implying that if one is involved then the other must be too
(Last week – no.14)

You said:

Jojo Howard I think it's Ellie Miller. I can't pinpoint why I think it's her, I just do!

10. Becca Fisher  

Played by Simone McAullay

Scarlet woman Becca, she’ll flirt with the vicar and the police detective – she even had an affair with the plumber. However she seems reluctant to get too close to Hardy. Is this a sign of her guilt or does she know enough about Hardy’s condition to realise that this could be dangerous for him? We also have learned that Becca has significant financial worries and her hotel business is struggling.
(Last week – no. 15)

You said:

Suzanne Bosworth Hmmm. Just had a thought. The only reason any sane woman would have for turning down the offer of chilling with DT would be ... fear? Guilt? He's a detective and she might let something slip over a drink ... HMMMMMMMMM ..... 0-0

Emma Thompson The woman that owns the pub/hotel and had the affair with the Dad?

11. Mark Latimer  

Played by Andrew Buchan

Mark is still under suspicion – remember that he has two hours unaccounted for in his alibi and that he has a furious temper. He was also very reluctant to go after Jack, as though he knew already that Jack was innocent
(Last week – no. 15)

12. Maggie Radcliffe   

Played by Carolyn Pickles

Newspaper editor Maggie could be after that one last big scoop – and we know that she reported on major murder investigations in the past - which would also explain why she is less then happy to have Karen White snooping around, stealing her thunder. Many people working on the basis of the culprit being someone completely unexpected have picked Maggie as a suspect.
(Last week no. 15)

13. Liz Roper   

Played by Susan Brown

Another suspect accused following the theory that the least expected person is probably the guiltiest, grandma Liz has done nothing yet to arouse suspicion more than having a soft spot for Jack Marshall. We’ll have to wait and see if she has any dark secrets of her own to give up.
(Last week – no. 13)

14. Lucy Stevens

Played by Tanya Franks

Lucy is a relatively new face in the cast. The sister of Ellie Miller and mother of Olly, she claims that she saw something significant on the night of the murder. However, she’s holding out for Ellie to lend her some money before she tells all. It seems she might find herself down at the police station and forced to talk if she’s not careful: Hardy’s not going to be too impressed by anyone trying to withhold information from him. We know that Lucy is in deep trouble - but what exactly, and is she desperate enough to kill?
(Last week – unranked)

15. SOCO Brian

Played by Peter De Jersey

Durrty Brian attracted a bit of attention this week when he asked Ellie out for a drink. Would he engineer a crime just so he could work closely to her? Don’t forget, he’s in the perfect position to tamper with the evidence
(Last week – unranked)

Other suspects

Chloe Latimer   

Played by Charlotte Beaumont

The ever angry Chloe was desperate for the police to pursue Jack. Another one with something to hide? Danny could have discovered something that she and boyfriend Dean were up to
(Last week - no. 7)

Dean Thomas  

Played by Jacob Anderson

Dean returned this week with a burning desire to add fuel to the fire of the accusations against Jack. Could this have been a possible diversion from his other activities? We’re still no entirely sure what he gets up to that make him so reluctant to have attention from the police.
(Last week – no. 8)

Steve Connelly   

Played by Will Mellor

There was no sign of the self-proclaimed psychic this week after detectives Hardy and Miller saw him off so convincingly as he seemed poise to reel in the desperate and gullible Beth. But he had a message for Hardy too – what was that exactly? Will he return with more to tell?
(Last week – no. 11)

Kevin Green (The postman)

Played by Jack Ashton

Will we ever now discover who it was that Jack said he saw arguing with Danny? The postman’s alibi seemed comprehensive enough for the detectives to rule him out of their enquiries
(Last week – no. 12)

The owner of the hut

Still unnamed, this person is the second keyholder to the murder scene and may also hold the key to the investigation. Is it somebody we already know from among the Broadchurch residents?
(Last week – unranked)

Karen White

Played by Vicky McClure

Karen is a fairly ruthless and unscrupulous journalist who does what it takes to get her scoop and to exploit a situation as it arises. She also has a special interest in Hardy and is likely to go to extremes to discredit him. She has already defied her boss to chase him across the country. Would she have created a whole situation to make him look inept and justify her claims about him over the Sandbrook case?
(Last week – unranked)

And finally

Jack Marshall 

Played by David Bradley

Jack paid the ultimate price after the merciless hounding by the press and his former friends. It’s implied that he could not bear losing his whole way of life in Broadchurch, that he knew things would never be the same again and he simply could not face starting again else where. Of course there’s always the possibility that he took his own life to evade capture…
(Last week – no. 10)