Broadchurch: Your Top Suspect List This Week

Episode 5 of hit murder mystery Broadchurch will be shown on ITV tonight at 9pm. Ahead of that, here are your opinions on who killed Danny Latimer based on the evidence from last week. Will events tonight make you change your theory or will they make you more certain that you've been right all along? Are you doing abetter job at working things out then Detectives Hardy and Miller?

Spoilers below...


1. Reverend Paul Coates

Played by Arthur Darvill

Paul is still your prime suspect for the second week running. Last week lots of you thought that he was too good to be true and a little too interested in Beth’s welfare. This week the revelation about his insomnia and his late night walks hasn’t helped him, and has certainly sent him to the top of DI Hardy’s suspect list. Then there’s that matter of the IT Club at school, of which Tom Miller and Danny Latimer were both members.
(Last week – No. 1)

Emma Deathbat Ridgway I think the vicar has something to do with it coz hes the least likely x

Jasmine Couzins Reverend Coates is looking suspicious now

Gayle Rodgers Yes I think the vicar is involved , when he was praying on his own in church he prayed for strength to get through the service and then when he was giving the service he appeared nervous , it seemed as though he was talking to himself , that god will protect him , just a sneaky suspicion I have as he isn't the immediate obvious suspect

Pamela Carroll I'm gonna go for it being the Vicar. He mentioned tonite about running an IT club, why did Millers son delete a whole load of files

Cheryl Boswell Pretty sure it's the vicar. "Close friend". Always about. Can't sleep. A "newcomer"

Gerard Carney I still think the Vicar; the connection between deleting computer files is there and I believe the show is trying hard to make us suspect almost everyone else.

Daniel Daphonic Boldin I think it was the priest. He did it to get more people into his church.

Alysia Szabo I am still sticking with the Vicar. So many secrets lay beyond his pious exterior I imagine.

2. Susan Wright   

Played by Pauline Quirke

Scary psycho Susan turned from being a spooky lurker into something quite malevolent last week. She seems to have been lying about everything – was she deliberately trying to pin the blame on Mark over the hut? There’s some sort of connection between her and Nige Carter that is enough to make him lose his generally happy, matey demeanour. Apparently she used to go by a different name. And then there’s the nature of the threats that she made to Maggie the newspaper editor. It’s no wonder you’ve all voted her up into second place in the suspects list
(Last week – No. 9)

Margaret McDonald I this Ellie's son knows something. It has something to do with the mad caravan lady. She's told too many lies.

Morag Forbes I would say the vicar but it has something to do with the mad cleaner lady because she had the skateboard

Shaun Haben Plumber and the person who lives in caravan but the pedo paid them

Suzanne Johnston Absolutely brilliant storyline. enjoying it immensely. I think Susan alias Elaine is in it up to her neck - she does have his skateboard!!!!

Terri End Bsl James I think the woman in the caravan (Susan?) is trying to frame Mark by saying he didn't do any plumbing work at the cabin/chalet. She knows something!!

Michelle Brown Oh come on Pauline Quirks character is definitely involved she is very tricky and why has she got Danny's skate board in her cupboard! I really can't quite figure it out at the moment which I have is say I love because most other dramas like this are so predictable. Bring it on!!

3. Joe Miller   

Played by Matthew Gravelle

Ellie’s too-good-to-be–true house husband has aroused suspicion in even more off you this week, if only for the simple reason that he’s too good. He cooks, he cleans, he cares for their kids … but would he do something so drastic to protect his son or promote his wife’s career. Some of you think that son Tom knows about what happened and that’s why he’s so scared. Also, we learn that he’s an ex-paramedic. Is that medical knowledge somehow significant in preparing a murder scene or concealing evidence? And that was a very weighty moment over the dinner table when he questioned Hardy on whether he was going to catch the murderer. Were the killer and the cop weighing one another up at that moment?
(Last week – No. 7)

Jess Griffiths Im 100% sure its ellies husband, hes the most unlikely but hes still so suspicious

Melanie Atkinson Was Lowe I recon the priest is the babys dad. The policewomans hubby killed the boy cause he was up to something with the daughter

Dawn Poulton millers hubby seems the least likely to have done it at the moment so could be him. everyone else is too obvious or looks like they have got something to hide etc

Laura Fraschetti Definitely Joe Miller. Too perfect to be true! Listen and support his wife, take care of the children and of the house, good cook, excellent host ( he made Alec laugh!!!!!!)....he MUST have a fault!

4. Nige Carter  

Played by Joe Sims

Mark’s friend and colleague is close enough to the family to be able to identify his victim and plan how to get to him. Because he knew about Mark and Becca, he knew that Mark would be out of the way on the night of the murder and would not happily give up his own whereabouts, perhaps taking the heat off Nige. Also, it appears that Nige went out around 10pm, apparently for last orders, according to his mum. There’s still the unexplained crossbow in the van. And he showed a bit of a nasty side last week in his encounter with Susan. The question is, though, what is his motive? All we know for sure is that he’s mixed up in something with Susan Wright and neither seem comfortable with the reason behind their link. Nige seemed extremely keen to cook dinner for the Latimers – almost as thoug he was trying to make amends for something.
(Last week – No. 11)

Jane Darlow The killer is Dannys dads plumbing friend and helped In some way by the lady in the caravan and her weird friend the other boy is hiding a lot he has devil written all over his face

Erin Hawkins Nige is the only one that I can't discount from doing it... I think Susan cleaned it up, maybe even put the body on the beach, but I think Nige killed Danny. The police seem to have forgotten that his mom said that he went "out" around 10 (not with Mark) but didn't account for where he DID go.

Andrew Jones-McGuire We think it's the plummer (not the dad plummer - the other one - who lives alone and who we never see with anyone else - except Elaine Jones / Susan)

Lisa Newman The dads business partner/employee - he seems dodgy!

5. Tom Miller   

Played by Adam Wilson

Even though the pathologist stated that it was probably a man that killed Danny on account of the hand prints and the force required to strangle him, plenty of you are still opting for his best friend Tom. Ellie’s son is certainly mixed up in something and now that we have Danny’s phone back we may find out what was in those deleted texts. And we’re still waiting for the results of data recovery on Danny’s PC. Could these secrets have something to do with the school IT Club run by Paul Coates? Or will the evidence lead us off in a different direction – abuse or bullying, perhaps?
(Last week – No. 2)

Isi Dixon  I blame the police woman's kid. Why else was he deleting all the computer files.

Alexis Jugz Hall I think it was ellie's son, he was allegedly his best friend, bt if has nothin to hide why did he wipe his fone and computer?? Bit of sheepish act if ya ask me

Abigail Elliott-Fenwick Ellie's son is the killer, or was at least involved. Possibly a cyber bullying thing gone wrong??

Zoe Hand It's definitely the son. Remember how poorly that crime scene was faked?

6. DI Alec Hardy  

Played by David Tennant

Audiences are torn over Alec Hardy. It’s too much of a twist, some of you are saying, if it turned out that Alec was the killer. You don’t want him to be the guilty man. But others still maintain that it is too much of a coincidence that the town’s first murder occurred a week after he arrived in town with his professional reputation in tatters over a previous murder investigation and something to prove to his superiors. A growing number of people also believe that Alec’s mystery illness has something to do with things, and that he committed the killing during one of his blackouts. On the other hand he did seem genuinely overjoyed about the evidence from the burning boat.
(Last week – No. 10)

James Gyles David tennant did it while suffering a schizophrenic outburst

Karen Sweatman Was Blackman I think it is DI Alec Hardy (David Tennant). Something not quite right and more to find out. I don't think he knows that he did it though, and likely to have happened during a 'black out'.

Nadine Jackson I reckon it could be David Tennant who did it. He failed in his last murder case so is gonna frame and convict an innocent person for the murder to gain back his reputation as a detective

7. Chloe Latimer    

Played by Charlotte Beaumont

Lots of you still feel that Chloe, Danny’s sister, is hiding something, which may or may not be connected to boyfriend Dean. There is certainly some sort of link to drugs. Chloe also apparently knew about dad Mark’s fling with Becca from the hotel where she sometimes works. What else is she covering up? And would that secret be enough to drive her to kill her own brother?
(Last week – No. 3)

Lisa Whigham Hmmm, reserving judgement - but more to the daughter than it appears, me thinksit

Sandra Morrell The couples daughter had some thing to do with it

8. Dean Thomas  

Played by Jacob Anderson

There has been no sign of Dean in the last couple of episodes and it’s even possible that Chloe has dumped him. Even so, he still ranks highly among your suspects. We know that he’s been mixed up with petty crime and the drugs scene around Broadchurch, and that Danny had discovered his affair with Chloe. But is that all worth taking the life of a child over?
(Last week – No. 4)

Alisha Gilmour Dannys sisters boyfriend, thought it from the beginning

Carol Moss Davies I think Chloe's boyfriend had a part in it. I'm wondering if one of the postman's friends just happened to be him and Danny was drug running for them?

9. Olly Stevens   

Played by Jonathan Bailey

Our own prime suspect
We still maintain that Olly staged the murder to get his big scoop so that he could get picked up by one of the national papers and get out of Broadchurch. This week we learn that Olly’s mum seems to have considerable money problems, alluded to by Nige the previous week, and this might have given him that extra bit of motivation. It also seems that he’s done a bit of research and is looking to frame Jack Marshall for the murder – all he needs to do is feed Karen, the police and the residents of Broadchurch the right amount of information and the mob mentality will do the rest for him. Olly was pretty much unsuspected last week but now he’s slowly creeping up the table of possible culprits
(Last week – Unranked)

Pearl Gibb I think the male journalist is a bit suspicious...

Laura King Oliver...looks like his mum's in debt and he needed to boost his career. 

10. Jack Marshall 

Played by David Bradley

As things stood at the end of last week, Jack was the prime suspect for the murder after Olly uncovered evidence of his previous conviction for under age sex. The police were immediately suspicious that Jack had not declared his conviction and now worked with children, but did not have the evidence to hold him as a suspect. No matter, the seeds of suspicion have now been planted in the heads of his neighbours, especially with Mark Latimer, and the finger is starting to point towards him. However, you all weren’t so easily taken in. It all seemed to convenient and too early in the investigation, and also there was no evidence of a sexual assault on Danny before his death. Still, he did seem to be burning evidence at the close of the last episode.
(Last week – No. 12)

Barbara Johnson Its the old guy from the shop and the vicar paedo ring

11. Steve Connelly    

Played by Will Mellor

Creepy psycho Steve still maintains that he was right about the boat, though in a seaside town with a body found by the shore it may have been an educated guess. Or did Steve know more about the killing than he’s letting on. Detectives Hardy and Miller have apparently debunked him as a petty criminal and a fraud, so is that the alst we will see of him. Let’s not forget that he had a message for Hardy too – one that has yet to be explained
(Last week – No. 5)

Angie Bolton-Cox Maybe weird "psychic" bloke.

Ben Captain Gilbert I think its the psychic guy cause why how else would he know all of that and the dead boy wanted a daddy to play with so that's why he got close to him

Jude Parsons It's the psychic. He set it all up so he could publish a book and become famous.

12.Kevin Green (The postman)

Played by Jack Ashton

You’re still not certain about the postman. Last week he was unranked, this week with the questioning of Jack and his witness statement he’s come back into the suspects list, even though we’ve only met him once. He had four people as witnesses to his whereabouts – are they all guilty too? And if it wasn’t him that Jack saw, assuming Jack isn’t lying about the argument, just who did he see. Who else would have a fluorescent coat? A plumber? A police officer? A paramedic? A phone engineer?
(Last week – Unranked)

Diane Lockwood Danny was seen talking to the postman, it might have something to do with drugs, maybe the postie had got Danny involved in delivering them while doing his paper round

Katrina West I think they need to listen to the man who hears from danny and go back to the postman and i dont think that nigel and the cleaner did it but they may have found him and moved him the beach....

13. Liz Roper  

Played by Susan Brown

You still have grandma in the frame for no other reason than she’s apparently entirely without motive for the killing. Shame on you all!
(Last week – No. 13)

Amanda Woollven What about Danny's grandmother, maybe the plumber's mate is actually her and the newsagents lovechild (!!!) and Pauline (sorry Susan) found out and is blackmailing them and Danny just got in the way? Now that they have Danny's mobile to check the texts back things may open up a bit more and also about Tom's involvement

Jason Stone i have a feeling it maybe the grandmother...

14. DS Ellie Miller  

Played by Olivia Colman

Elie has just crept up a single place despite being, on the surface, the nicest woman in the world. However, she has revealed a tougher side to her nature. And we know she’s ambitious. What if she’d already got wind of Hardy taking her job and staged the murder to discredit him and further her own career. Or perhaps she found Danny was bullying her son and acted to protect him
(Last week – No. 15)

Mary 'Maz' Wilson Elle miller ... Seems funny that a big case comes up the day she came back off maternity/holiday and was meant to be getting a big promotion ... If not her than her husband and Nige (who r obv friends after last eps) who did it to maybe help her career

15= Maggie Radcliffe   

Played by Carolyn Pickles

The chief editor of tiny local rag The Broadchurch Echo used to be a big shot journalist once upon a time. A big murder investigation could help her regain a taste of those glory days, and perhaps help the retirement fund along a little. But guilty or not, it looks like Maggie has uncovered more than she bargained for in her investigations into Susan.
(Last week – Unranked)

Maria Glover Owner of paper! Just cos it's not gonna be obvious...

15= Mark Latimer  

Played by Andrew Buchan

Fewer and fewer of you have Mark in the frame now – he’s guilty of adultery but probably not of his son’s murder. Even Susan seems to have legitimised his presence at the murder scene a few weeks previously. The only question now is there may be a couple of hours unaccounted for on the night of the murder. Also, we’re starting to learn that Mark has a hell of a temper and sometimes turned this on his son
(Last week – No. 6)

15= Becca Fisher  

Played by Simone McAullay

Becca, it’s known, is Mark’s bit on the side, but she also seems to have a flirty nature on the whole, even turning her attentions on a bemused and unresponsive Hardy. Has this got her into trouble before. Did Danny find out about another significan liaison and needed silencing?
(Last week – Unranked)

Other Broadchurch suspects

Beth Latimer

Played by Jodie Whittaker

You seem to have let Danny’s grieving mum off the hook. She’s too busy looking for answers to be hiding something, and on top of everything it seems her marriage is now at an end
(Last week – No. 8)

The owner of the hut

As yet unnamed, whoever this is, don’t forget that they own the building where Danny was probably killed and they hold the other set of keys
(Last week – No. 14)

Karen White

Played by Vicky McClure

As yet none of you have focused on Karen. But what brought her to Broadchurch to hunt down DI Hardy? What exactly does she want from him?


  1. The more I watch Broadchurch the more I think Mark Latimer has done it. It's something subtle in his behavior that makes me uncomfortable.


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