Broadchurch: What To Expect In Episode 7

After the dramatic events of episode 6, the investigation continues

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Episode 7
Monday 15th April, 9pm, ITV

Following recent events, Miller is more isolated than ever before as she tries to find out what happened at the clifftop hut. Meanwhile, the police are circling Susan as Nige grows increasingly desperate for her to leave Broadchurch. What is she hiding? And which members of the local community hold the key to Danny's death? Detective drama, starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman.

Alison Graham of the Radio Times has reviewed the episode:

After last week’s bolt from the blue, empathetic detective Ellie Miller is feeling more isolated than ever as the hunt for Danny Latimer’s killer moves into its penultimate week.

We all probably have our theories by now on who did it and why. But that’s been one of the many great things about writer and creator Chris Chibnall’s enthralling crime drama – it keeps on wrongfooting even the most sure of us at every turn, flinging out clues (or are they clues?) and taking us down what look like dramatic cul-de-sacs.

For Ellie (Olivia Colman) it’s become more crucial than ever to work out what happened in the cliff-top hut, the likely scene of Danny’s death. Which, if any, members of the local community in that sunny town know more than they’re letting on? What of sinister Susan Wright (a chilling Pauline Quirke) and Mark Latimer’s crossbow-loving workmate Nige Carter (Joe Sims)? The tension is unbearable. 

Source: Radio Times


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