Broadchurch Ratings Still Strong Despite Jonathan Creek Competition

The fifth episode of  Broadchurch as expected took a hammering in the ratings this week with strong competition from BBC favourite Jonathan Creek. For the first time the crime drama series lost its grip on the top place in the 9pm slot, but still managed to pull in a very commendable 6.01 million viewers (a 22.3% audience share) with a further 280k (1.44%) catching up on +1

The 9pm slot winner was Jonathan Creek: The Clue Of The Savant's Thumb which saw Alan Davies returning to the role of the duffle-coated puzzle solver after three years. 7 million viewers (27.5%) watched the 90 minute special which was scheduled to run right across Broadchurch and its +1 slot.

Channel 4's Embarrassing Bodies was watched by 1.58 million (5.8%) and on Channel 5 Robson's Extreme Fishing Challenge brought in 956k (3.5%). The third season of Game of Thrones launched with 658k (2.5%) at 9pm on Sky Atlantic.

The consolidated figures for each of the first three episodes of Broadchurch (including all catch up viewings for the seven days following original broadcast) have shown viewer numbers rising to over 9 million.

Broadchurch starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman continues at 9pm on Monday 8th April on ITV


  1. I just can`t believe people would stop watching Broadchurch to watch that rubbish Johnathan Creek! If people have been watching the last 4 episodes why have they suddenly stopped? Couldn`t they have recorded the other programme? It doesn`t make any sense. Maybe they recorded Broadchurch or use the ITV player which accounts for the dip in viewing figures but it makes no sense at all. I wouldn`t miss it for anything!


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