Believe It! Repeated By BBC Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra From Today

The award winning radio comedy series Believe It! which stars Richard Wilson with David Tennant, Arabella Weir and John Sessions, begins a repeat run on BBC Radio from this evening. 

The fictional comedy biography of Richard Wilson was written by Jon Canter and narrated by the actor himself, and features dramatised scenes from both his true and untrue life. The show, which was first broadcast in May 2012, won Best Scripted Comedy in this year's BBC Audio Drama Awards.

Episode 1 - Drink can be heard at 7.15pm BST tonight

Episode summary

Richard Wilson narrates his fictional autobiography, based on glimmers of truth. Why does Richard Wilson get drunk every November 25? For the first time, he tells the naked truth.

Richard is supported by a small core cast viz:
David Tennant
John Sessions
Lewis Macleod
Arabella Weir
And Jane Slavin
Who plays anyone and everyone!

Ghost written by Jon Canter
Produced by: Clive Brill
A Pacificus Production for BBC Radio 4.

The episode is repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra at the following times:

Friday 12th April - 7.30am BST
Friday 12th April - 10.00pm BST
Saturday 13th April - 5.30pm BST
Sunday 14th April - 5.30am BST

The show will be available to hear again for seven days after broadcast on BBC iPlayer. The series continues with episode 2 from Sunday 14th April at 7.15pm BST