"An Explosive Drama That's Captured The Public Imagination" - Actor Joe Sims On Broadchurch

Broadchurch star Joe Sims, who plays plumber Nige Carter in the acclaimed ITV drama series, was interviewed by Phil Williams on BBC radio 5 Live's Weekend Breakfast Show this morning.Joe confirmed that he does indeed know the killer's identity and understands the frustration of viewers who are trying to work out the identity of Danny Latimer's killer.

“We know exactly how you feel. Chris Chibnall (the writer) got us together for a meeting and everybody was really excited because there's all 50 of us thinking he was going to tell us what's going on and everything that’s happening and he said ‘There’s going to be no unveiling today’. I thought he was going to get lynched”

However, some of the cast were happy that they didn't know as they felt it improved their performances

“It’s a wonderful way to play it," he said, "Everybody’s playing it as if they’re innocent because of course nobody knew during the filming, and I imagine from David [Tennant]’s point of view as well when he’s interrogating people and he’s talking to people you can really see that sort of innocence because he’s putting it together himself. I think it’s led to an explosive drama that’s really captured the public imagination.”

It enabled the cast members to play innocent until proven guilty, he explained. “Even if you are guilty of such a heinous crime then I imagine that you’d want all the people in that village to at least think you’re innocent.”

Nige Carter is currently one of the prime suspects in the case, certainly from the audience point of view. He's hot headed, has a suspicious connection to the hostile Susan Wright, and carries a crossbow in the back of his van. Joe responded to comments that the weapon makes him sure to be the killer: “I’ve got half a dozen eggs in my car but it don’t make me a chicken!”

Joe’s friends in the pub are not speaking to him as he won’t reveal the killer and even his own grandmother has him in the frame for the murder.

“To be fair to my nan, I love her to bits," he said, "But she said to me ‘I think you’ve either done it or you haven’t done it.’ I said, ‘You’re absolutely right, one of those things is going to be true!’ But I think the beautiful thing about television is that she knows I’m a lovely, cuddly bundle in real life and I’m always nice to her!”

Chibnall’s script shows that that Brtian is more than capable of producing great television crime dramas to rival the Scandi-Noir mysteries. Joe said,

“To work with Chris on this script is an exercise in humility because every time we got another script I just could not put it down. You couldn’t wait for the next instalment. Drama seems to be resurgent, ITV and the BBC are investing heavily in drama and justifiably so, and the reaction from the public is testament to the fact that there is a real need for more drama and a real need for more investment in drama. The proof’s in the pudding. This is an exceptional show, and long may it continue.”

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Broadchurch, starring David Tennant, Olivia Colman and Arthur Darvill, continues on ITV at 9pm on Monday 8th April. Click here for more information, photos and video clips