Visit The Town Behind Broadchurch

The stunning scenery of David Tennant's new drama Broadchurch is drawing as much attention as the show's star studded cast.
The Sun reports that during the first episode, hits on West Bay’s website peaked at 200 per minute as viewers were keen to find out more about the location. Tourist board Visit Dorset also saw an increase in online traffic.
Broadchurch is filmed in West Bay, Dorset, and locals there are sure there will be a tourism boom as fans of the show are keen to explore the locations used.
Steve Jones is manager of West Bay’s Bridport Arms Hotel, where several members of the cast stayed during filming.
Speaking to The Sun Steve said:
“It was great to see stars like David Tennant in the village. All the actors and crew were very friendly.
Weather-wise the last three summers haven’t been great but I’m hoping that seeing our town on TV will encourage more people to visit."

West Bay is so small it doesn’t even have a police station so the crew had to borrow a local cafe’s store room to turn it into the show’s police HQ.
Steve Tucker, owner of the seafront Ellipse cafe, allowed scenes to be filmed on-site and his staff ended up playing extras.
Steve, 51, said: “The crew turned the round building containing our store room into Broadchurch police station. We’ve had several customers asking if this is where the TV show was filmed.
“David Tennant would regularly stop in for his morning coffee and we were invited to a private viewing of the first episode."

Certain scenes were filmed in Clevedon, Somerset, but Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall, who lives in Bridport, Dorset, hopes his love for his home town shines through in the series.
He said: “Broadchurch is a love letter to the scenery of the Jurassic Coast and uses key West Dorset landmarks in its story. The landscape informs the drama. The cliffs, the sea, the beach are all key elements of what is going on.”

Visit Dorset are offering competitions with the chance to win a “Broadchurch break”.