The Times Recommend Broadchurch

The Times have selected Broadchurch as one of their TV highlights today. The murder mystery series written by Chris Chibnall and starring an all-star ensemble cast led by David Tennant and Olivia Colman begins tonight on ITV at 9pm.

This preview may contain minor spoilers for the first episode. Do not read if you wish to avoid this information.

From The Times:

ITV, 9pm

Another day, another murder series — but at least Broadchurch is a cut above the average. A small boy is found murdered below the cliffs on a Dorset beach. He belongs to a friendly community with one of the lowest crime rates in the country. The police investigation is led by an intense and unshaven David Tennant, who hails from out of town and seems to be dogged by some sort of controversy in the past. To complicate matters further, his junior officer (Olivia Colman) — a local woman who knows the family of the murder victim well — believes that she should have been put in charge. What makesBroadchurch worth watching is the energy and conviction of the performances. Unlike so many commonplace murder stories, this one at least recognises that murder is ugly and destroys the lives of the family as much as the victim, and the performances are coloured by a genuine sense of shock and a grim determination to find the killer. But their investigation is hampered by the media, with an enthusiastic young reporter (Jonathan Bailey) Tweeting sensitive information and an unscrupulous journalist from a national newspaper (Vicky McClure) stealing the victim’s teddy bear. Of all the stories of violent death on television this week, Broadchurch is the best of the bunch.

Source: The Times