Reviews Round Up For Broadchurch Episode Two

The second episode of Broadchurch was received well by TV critics, with most praising the way that the series had maintained its momentum, atmosphere and strength of writing from episode one. We've collected together some of the week's reviews. Be aware that most contain spoilers if you're not up to date with the series.

Episode two saw detectives Hardy and Miller (David Tennant and Olivia Colman) starting to chase up the first leads that they hope will reveal the killer of eleven year old Danny Latimer.  A search of the Latimer's house uncovers a couple of surprising items while the discovery of a cliff top hut brings the police to their first real suspect.

The Independent
Daisy Wyatt in the Independent feels that the episode veers from soap opera to magical realism and surrealism at times. “But then,” she says, “In a rural idyll such as Broadchurch, nothing is what it seems

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The Daily Mail
The Mail say:

At last, a reason to love Mondays again. ITV’s new crime series, Broadchurch, is simply brilliant. David Tennant and Olivia Colman are sublime and the plot utterly gripping. 
We haven’t had this much reason to look forward to Mondays since the late and much lamented Spooks. Already, I never want Broadchurch to end.

Source: The Daily Mail

Metro give a brief summary of the episode:

Many a murder thriller opens with intrigue, only for its vice-like grip to quickly loosen. But not so with episode two of Broadchurch (ITV), which cranked up the tension with subtle clues, brief snatches of fresh characters and a sure-footed sense of what pumps the lifeblood in a small community.

The fact this story unfolds over eight episodes means there’s room to flesh out the humanity behind the horror. The moving scene where grieving mother Beth (Jodie Whittaker) had a meltdown in her local supermarket may not have moved the plot forward but it was crucial in forging an emotional connection to the story.

Broadchurch gives us space to speculate on all sorts of possible chicanery going down behind its respectable fa├žade. Randy vicar? Closeted gay husband? Psychic copper? Everyone is in the frame.

Source: Metro

Den Of Geek
Den of Geek’s comprehensive review praises the drama for maintaining the high standard of its opening episode.

They say:
The riches of its cast aside, where Broadchurch leans away from the majority of mainstream detective drama is its interest in life after death. I don’t mean in the literal, chatting-with-the-deceased supernatural crime show, but in the script’s desire to realistically inhabit the skin of a community after a loss.

Olivia Colman as DI Miller is still the beating heart of Broadchurch, and her double act with Tennant’s Hardy remains a chief attraction.

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The Huffington Post
For Caroline Frost of the Huffington Post: It’s All About The Silences

She says:
"When ITV do it well, they do it really well. What is setting 'Broadchurch' apart thus far is a confidence in that quietness between conversations, the pace unhurried, the writer Chris Chibnall showing his trust in the actors to do his bidding."

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From Cultfix:

"David Tennant is once more brilliant as the stiff Scotsman DI Hardy with hints emerging about some dark secret in his past, and the character of the scene-stealing Olivia Colman is developed, with the actress on top form as usual."

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