Peter Davison Talks To The Independent About Talking Doctor Who With David Tennant

Peter Davison has been talking to The Independent about talking to David Tennant about Doctor Who.. that's a lot of talking about talking... 

Peter who played the Fifth incarnation of the Time Lord says:
"Doctor Who features quite highly in what we talk about but usually our experiences with it and whatever happens to be going on now. Both our children – he’s got a son Ty, I’ve got two boys 11 and 13, but they all love Doctor Who."

But we're not done with the talking about talking as Peter is then also asked about talking to his Law & Order co star, Freema Agyeman about Doctor Who, Freema was of course the Tenth Doctor's companion Martha Jones in the show.
So did they talk about Doctor Who on the Law & Order set?
Peter says:
"That was weird, we did. It almost becomes like a little family, the whole Doctor Who thing even if you’ve never worked with them and I hadn’t worked with Freema before that but I’d met her at various functions. It’s just very nice."

So how will he be involved in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the show?
"I suppose I’m attending some functions like this. (Peter was being interviewed at this year's Sci Fi Weekender) I’m involved in some Big Finish 50th anniversary specials. Apart from that I don’t know. I do have a meeting with the producer of Doctor Who just to talk about events, things at Bafta. There’s a big celebration on the weekend when the series went out originally which strangely falls on the same weekend, that’s as far as I know."

Peter will be returning to our screens in a new series of Law & Order: UK on ITV soon.

You can read the full interview with Peter on The Independent's Blog here.