Peter Davison Doesn't Expect To Be Involved In Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Episode

Peter Davison has told Digital Spy that he doesn't think he will be asked to return to Doctor Who for the 50th Anniversary episode.

"I've got a meeting with the head of BBC Wales... to go through various
 things the BBC have got planned, I don't think she's going to offer me a part in it... I might be wrong."

He added: "I honestly don't know very much. I know that Steven Moffat will have something planned. I don't think it will involve the older Doctors, certainly in their present form, because of course we're meant to look exactly as we did when we left the TARDIS and none of us really do I think we'll be featured somewhere but I should think it's probably footage lifted from older Doctor stories," he said. "I don't know [for sure]."

On Sunday Freema Agyeman stated that she won't be involved in the drama, whilst David Tennant recently stated that he is still yet to receive a call about returning to the show.
However John Barrowman recently revealed he IS in talks...

Who'll be back? Will any of the previous Doctors be returning? Who knows...


  1. I'd love to see all the old doctors again!

  2. As much as I'd love to see Peter Davison and Tom Baker (my two most memorable Doctors) they just don't look the part anymore. I hope they can find AMAZING replacement actors to portray the old Doctors.


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