Olivia Colman Talks To The Independent

Olivia Colman, who stars alongside David Tennant in the ITV series Broadchurch has spoken to The Independent in a new interview published today. Olivia plays DS Ellie Miller in the eight part crime drama, a local police detective who is paired with an outsider in the form of DI Alec Hardy (David Tennant) to solve the murder of a boy in her small home town. Olivia spoke of the inevitable comparison between Broadchurch and the acclaimed Danish drama The Killing and of the character of DS Miller.

From the Independent

"The Killing was so brilliant that it seems a bit up yourself to say this is 'the British Killing'," says Colman, characteristically averse to hyperbole. She plays a local police detective miffed when an abrasive outsider (David Tennant, giving good stubble) is parachuted in to lead the investigation, while an all-star cast of suspects (Andrew Buchan, Jodie Whittaker, Vicky McClure and Doctor Who's Arthur Darvill) slowly reveal their secrets. Colman's is a very personable breed of copper (Scott & Bailey are a pair of Dirty Harriets in comparison), which is hardly surprising since she's modelled on herself. "I wanted it to be me in the police force," she says. "I thought I could damage that by doing too much research, which is my lazy way of saying 'I couldn't be bothered'."

Broadchurch debuts on ITV on Monday 4th March at 9pm