Olivia Colman Says Her Real Role On Broadchurch Was To Fight Off David Tennant's Fans

Olivia Colman has been chatting to the London Evening Standard about her time with David Tennant on the set of their new ITV drama Broadchurch and how she helped to 'protect' David from some of his more ardent followers. She says:
 “Working with David is heaven. He is the nicest man in the world, but he gets crowds of people wherever he goes. He is terribly patient and charming and lovely with them, so I’m afraid I got a little bit defensive on his behalf.
He was trying to put a microphone on down through his shirt and down through his trousers. He was rummaging around there and this woman just took a photo right in front of his face while he was doing it. He was trying to be charming, but he had his hands down his pants. I stood in front of him, put my arm out and said, ‘No!’ She was a bit surprised at the reaction. I don’t think they were expecting him to have protection.”


  1. i totally agree! i kinda gasped when i read that, seriously fans, especially DT's fans should know how he is about that stuf...i don't understand people anymore..


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