Next Time On Broadchurch - What To Expect In Episode 2 Of David Tennant's New Drama Series

The following episode synopsis may contain spoilers. Do not read on if you don't want to know what will happen in Episode 2 of David Tennant's new ITV drama Broadchurch.

Broadchurch continues on Monday 11th March at 9pm on ITV1.

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In the second episode of the eight-part crime thriller
written by Chris Chibnall and directed by James
Strong, the ramifications of Danny Latimer’s murder
start to hit home. As the mystery around Danny's
death deepens, DI Hardy (David Tennant) and DS
Miller (Olivia Colman) must work fast to identify the
key suspects, but even the location of the crime
remains unknown. Holiday bookings are cancelled,
and the townspeople are becoming anxious.
Meanwhile, the Latimer family struggle to cope with
their grief, and the Rev Paul Coates (Arthur Darvill)
decides to speak to the local media. Hardy walks the route of Danny’s paper round and Miller leads the search of the Latimer house. Hardy finds an isolated cliff-top hut that arouses his curiosity as Miller finds some suspicious items taped under Danny’s bed and in his sister Chloe (Charlotte
Beaumont)’s room. When interviewed, Chloe tells Miller to talk to Becca Fisher (Simone McAullay).
Miller and Hardy question Becca, but she insists that she had nothing to do with Danny’s death.
Unable to sit in the house, Danny's mum Beth (Jodie Whittaker, pictured right) heads out to the supermarket. Noticing that people are staring, she breaks down – but Paul happens to be there to comfort her, and she tells him a secret, insisting that he keep it to himself.