Matt Smith On The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary - Plus His Praise For Past Doctors

Matt Smith has been talking to SFX about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode and about how it feels to be the Doctor during this exciting time for the show:

"I feel very proud, actually. It’s about looking back and forward at the same time, a bit like the Doctor does. It’s about celebrating everyone that’s been involved with it, all the wonderful actors that have taken part before me, and it’s also about looking forward and saying “What can we do next? Where can we take it?”

Matt went on to praise the actors who have played the role before him, including David Tennant:

"I feel in a very privileged position, having had people like David and Chris, Tom, Patrick, Jon, William Hartnell… great, great actors behind me. And to be part of a show that’s still going, that has an audience of about 77 million now worldwide. I love this show, and I’m really honoured, actually, without sounding too [luvvie voice] ‘Oh, how important, what an amazing thing, I am the incumbent Doctor, what a privilege, rah!’ I mean it genuinely. It inspires a humility, I suppose, because it’s about all of us who got it here, do you know what I mean? Yes! Fifty years!"

You can read the rest of the interview with Matt Smith on the SFX site here.
Doctor Who returns to BBC One this Saturday at 6.15pm.


  1. Oh I do hope David makes a dashing appearance for the 50th anniversary!

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  3. I hope he will be on the set for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary. I love him so much in this roll from the doctor.
    Big kiss from luxemburg =)

  4. It would be interesting to see as many of the Doctors together again. It is very complex to write for the same character, I tried it myself for a story.

    Imagine the fun seeing each Doctor meeting himself.


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