Matt Smith On Casting For The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

Rumours surrounding the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who continue to abound. And one thing everyone wants to know is, will any of the former Doctors including David Tennant return? Lots of Doctor Who actors have been denying their involvement and saying they've not spoken to anyone about returning to the show...
David Tennant spoke to Time Out London recently and reiterated that he has not yet heard from producers about returning to the show for a cameo appearance.
Freema Agyeman took to Twitter to deny her involvement in the drama and Peter Davison says he doesn't expect to be involved in the episode.
John Barrowman however stated on This Morning that he is in talks with the producers...

Speaking at a "Meet the Actor" interview at a London Apple store, current Doctor Matt Smith was asked about casting for the episode and replied: "There's me, there's Jenna..."  He then joked "I've known for ages, of course. I just lie to you all the time..." before admitting that the casting was not officially confirmed. Or was he lying about that too?  We can't keep up!
One things for sure it's going to be epic with Matt calling the episode "spellbinding" and "one of the best ever, ever, ever" episodes.

Doctor Who starring Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman  returns to BBC One on 30th March 2013.