John Barrowman 'In Talks' For The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary

John Barrowman has added to the speculation over the guest stars for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary specials by claiming that he is now in talks to take part. Barrowman, who played Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who and Torchwood, said during an interview on  ITV's This Morning on Friday:

“I haven't had any information up until just about right now - and all I can say to you is that we're discussing things... that's a total exclusive! You guys are the first to ever hear it. Even yesterday I was giving interviews and I was saying I have heard nothing, and now I can give you a little bit of an exclusive. I've heard something!" 

Until now, everyone with a past connection to the show has maintained that they have not been contacted about participation in the 50th Anniversary celebrations. Even David Tennant, in a recent interview with Time Out London claimed that he was giving up hope of being asked back. However, John Barrowman is not the first of the former Doctors and companions to break silence over the shows. A few days ago, Louise Jameson, who played the Fourth Doctor's companion Leela, suggested on Twitter that she had been asked to keep certain dates free in her diary. Responding to a comment by another Twitter user she posted:
" None of us knows yet what's going on, just told to keep the days free. Mmmmmmmmm intriguing"

The BBC and Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat have yet to make any formal announcement about the 50th Anniversary shows or their cast. 

Source: Radio Times


  1. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Let's hope his Arrow commitments don't interfere...

  3. if they had any guts(and money) they would do a 4 part like the old series and make it good,no cheap writing and bad acting.

  4. it would be great to have a few episodes long plot with some major crysis, which would require help of many companions and even 10th Doctor living in pararell universe. This would be my dream. I love crossovers.

  5. Hope to see David as the Doctor again. He is the best doctor ever, second best will be Matt.


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