Jenna-Louise Coleman Names David Tennant's Doctor As Her Favourite

New Doctor Who assistant Jenna-Louise Coleman has named her favourite incarnation of the Doctor, even though she admits that she was not previously a hardcore watcher.

"Everyone has their Doctor Who – mine is David Tennant," she told Metro, "My granny loves all of them."

Jenna-Louise will be joining Matt Smith on the TARDIS for new episodes of Doctor Who starting this weekend when the Doctor starts to unravel the mystery behind the mysterious Clara Oswald. Jenna-Louise  is thrilled to take on the challenge of her new role finding the experience very different from anything that she's done before.

"The difficulty is you’re consistently running,’ she says. ‘This isn't like any other show – I've never sat down and had a conversation in any episode. You’re talking and moving all the time. The energy you need is ridiculous." 

Read the full interview in Metro here

Doctor Who returns on Saturday 30th March at 6.15pm on BBC One


  1. Good girl! of course David Tennant is the BEST of the new Doctor Who actors, but none have made me chuckle as much as Tom Baker - my favourite all time Doctor.


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