“It's Definitely Not Me." - Broadchurch Star Takes Themselves Off Suspect List

Nine million viewers a week have been following the investigation into the murderer of young Danny Latimer in the ITV hit drama Broadchurch and trying to work out the identity of his killer. Up until now most of the cast have kept quiet about the outcome of the case, but one principal cast member has opened up to rule themselves out of the running.

In a recent interview the actor tells how they were so worried that their character might be the murderer that they eventually persuaded writer Chris Chibnall to confirm their innocence:
"I didn't even know if anyone knew. I just kept going up to him and saying 'It better not be me!' and he said 'It's OK, it's not you.' That was all I needed to know. So it's definitely not me."

The actor also talked about the experience of working on the drama,

"It was a brilliant job because you don't often get a job for four-and-a-half months…it was quite a huge challenge, because the story only spans a few weeks, so that grief and trauma is present the whole time. But it's pretend for us so we're very lucky we got to go home at the end of the day," and added, "I think it's just a credit to the directors but particularly to Chris Chibnall because his writing is so wonderful. All the hard work's done when you're given such an extraordinary character and dialogue."

*SPOILER ALERT*  Click here to find out who was speaking - and then decide for yourself whether they are just pulling another clever bluff.

Broadchurch stars David Tennant and Olivia Colman as a pair of mismatched police detectives investigating the murder of a child in a small town. The eight part drama explores the aftershocks of the brutal event and the effects on the town and its residents as they come under the scrutiny of the police and press. 

The series continues on ITV at 9pm on Monday 1st April