Royal Mail Shop Registration Advice For Overseas Customers

If you've been having problems registering with the Royal Mail site to order the new Doctor Who 50th Anniversary stamp sets from outside the UK then read on. Our Facebook follower Lisa Park has done some checking around and has come up with the following top tips:

1) When entering your address in the registration process, don't click on "find address."
2) In the section about flat name and such, if you live in an apt, put your apt # for flat name, your street number for property number, and your street name for property name. If you live in a house, put your house number in property number and your street name in the street field, and leave property name blank.
3) Leave all dashes out of your phone number.
4) Call your credit card company to let them know you'll be making an overseas purchase.
5) If you're making the purchase after you've already registered, don't log in first. Start at the shop, load up your cart, and then click the check out button. It'll let you sign in as part of the check-out processes. If you're already logged in, it apparently gets confused and sends you to your profile editing page!

Thanks Lisa!

The Royal Mail have released a special edition stamp range to commemorate the 50th Anniversary in 2013 of Doctor Who. The range includes stamps depicting each incarnation of the Doctor, the TARDIS and some of his foes, as well as a selection of gifts and collectibles. 

The Royal Mail say:
Doctor Who is now the world’s longest-running science fiction series. It is also one of the most popular, attracting millions of viewers in some 50 countries around the world. Our tribute to 50 years of Doctor Who is a stunning and comprehensive Special issue that features not only all 11 incarnations of The Doctor, but also a host of his adversaries such as the Daleks and the Cybermen. 

If you are still having problems registering then contact the Royal Mail shop directly

0845 266 8756
08457 641 641
Overseas +44 131 316 7483


Business hours are 8:30am - 5pm UK time, Monday to Sunday