Fan Reaction: Broadchurch Episode Two

Last night saw Episode Two David Tennant's crime drama, Broadchurch, air on ITV. 
We asked fans on our Twitter and Facebook pages what they thought of the drama, thanks to all of you who replied, we loved reading all your thoughts and theories. 

About the episode:

In the second episode of the eight-part crime thriller written by Chris Chibnall and directed by James Strong, the ramifications of Danny Latimer’s murder start to hit home. As the mystery around Danny's death deepens, DI Hardy (David Tennant) and DS Miller (Olivia Colman) must work fast to identify the key suspects, but even the location of the crime remains unknown. Holiday bookings are cancelled, and the townspeople are becoming anxious.
Meanwhile, the Latimer family struggle to cope with their grief, and the Rev Paul Coates (Arthur Darvill) decides to speak to the local media. Hardy walks the route of Danny’s paper round and Miller leads the search of the Latimer house. Hardy finds an isolated cliff-top hut that arouses his curiosity as Miller finds some suspicious items taped under Danny’s bed and in his sister Chloe (Charlotte Beaumont)’s room. When interviewed, Chloe tells Miller to talk to Becca Fisher (Simone McAullay).
Miller and Hardy question Becca, but she insists that she had nothing to do with Danny’s death.
Unable to sit in the house, Danny's mum Beth (Jodie Whittaker) heads out to the supermarket. Noticing that people are staring, she breaks down – but Paul happens to be there to comfort her, and she tells him a secret, insisting that he keep it to himself.

A Selection Of Comments From Facebook:
  • Susan Ganiebny Just watched it! I don`t think it`s going to be an investigation that`s going to go easy. It`s going to get more twisted as it goes along. There`s something going on with David`s character as well!
  • Amanda Canup Just what every murder mystery needs - a creepy psychic communications tech!
  • Joanne Southern Gripping drama.. Sharon from Birds of a Feather is not to be trusted so it seems!
  • Linda Storey Burst into tears when Mum touched the Coco Pops - I have a son the same age who eats them, the acting is brilliant. 
  • Brett Costen It is amazing not liking the fact have to wait another week and all the secrets make it hard to point out the murderer is but fantastic actors and how the storyline can draw you in its brilliant good work I can't to find out who the murderer is.
  • Matthew Stutz I kept saying in my head "He's the killer, He's the killer, She's the killer" 
    Then I saw the end and I was like ...... "Is He the killer?"
  • Ami Smith Loving Broadchurch! It's great to see David play something a bit more serious, he's such an amazing actor. I don't know how I'm going to wait for the next episode, it's just too exciting!
  • Denise Parrin Best thing on TV at the moment! xx
  • Mary 'Maz' Wilson 5*****, brain stimulating, edge of your seat drama. David and Olivia are amazing!!
  • Emma Prentice wow the whole episode kept me on the edge of my seat, did not expect the twist with the money and coke, really looking forward to the next episode
  • Jenny Ayres I thought last nights episode was so moving. I have gone through the same sort of nightmare. it really moves me this is how it like in the really world,The cast performances are outstanding..
  • Alexa-jade Winchester Salvatore its awesome david is so good at this sort of role its a really gripping psychological drama
  • Katie Louise Watkins It's got me hooked, too early to point fingers but got a feeling it's gonna have a few twists. Love the cast too xx
  • Susan Sherlocksuze Seddon I'm really enjoying watching Broadchurch. There's a few of the characters that seem a bit suspicious, Danny's friend and the woman walking her dog. Very intriguing.
  • John Robinson Its just an amazing team effort great acting across the board x loving it
  • James Aggas Definitely liking this ep more than the first. The first one was good, but mostly setup. This week, it looks like we're seeing more: we're seeing more of Tennant's character and realizing that he's a Scottish cop...on the edge. (Sorry, those last 3 words weren't necessary, were they? He's playing a character who's both a cop AND Scottish, of course he's on the edge!!!!) Yes, it's an old character trope, but when an actor as great as Tennant throws themselves into such a part, it makes for GREAT telly. Seeing so many points of view makes it a much more interesting drama than the "case of the week" type shows, too. The mother, the priest, the journalist - it's not just the mystery that's the focus, it's seeing how one shocking event can affect EVERYONE. Also, some really great dialogue. "Oh, you're a reluctant psychic? A child has died, and you come in with this...self indulgent horseshit!" Definitely a decent show so far.
  • Jo Lester Wow .......... that hour went quick, cant wait for next weeks episode :0)
  • Jasmine Couzins Graah ending it on a cliffhanger! I hate having to wait a whole week for the next episode; and that was only the second! I love this so much, amazing show!
  • Chris Peppitt It’s like the world is crashing down around their heads. Once something has been put in motion it cannot be stopped.
  • Catherine Kelleher Best part of mondays now
  • Shirley Pounder This is totally chilling... traumatic / dramatic, very atmospheric too. Brilliant casting especially you-know-who in the lead!! Anyone who has children (no matter what age) will shudder when watching
  • Jan Mason Fab nice to have a great series on itv on a Monday and to top it of David is in it

A Selection Of Comments From Twitter:
  •  : Best British tv drama I've seen in a long time. Excellent! Awesome cast!
  •  absolutely gripping stuff can't wait for the next episode
  •  broadchurch was awesome worst thing about , its spear out over 8 weeks ):
  •  Very mysterious ;) I still find the Dad of Danny rather creepy :')
  •  fab. I didn't cry tonight but I did laugh - I know they are rude to each other but they make a good duo, Hardy and Miller.
  •  I hate cliff hangers!! I shouted at the TV when it cut off there.. Loving the series, wish it was on more than once a week!
  •    how images fading away with light,so emotional!Brilliant photography & so much tension inside the characters!
  •  this drama will re confirm that David Tennant is the best actor in the whole of the universe xx
  •  what an excellent series, more intrigue and twists tonight ....well done to all cast 
  •  I loved tonight's episode of Broadchurch and I can't wait until the next one, it's getting very exciting
  •  again david managed to surprise with his acting and managed to bring more questions than answers about his character

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