Fan Reaction: Broadchurch Episode Three

Last night saw Episode Three of David Tennant's crime drama, Broadchurch, air on ITV. 
We asked fans on our Twitter and Facebook pages what they thought of the drama, thanks to all of you who replied, we loved reading all your thoughts and theories. 

About the episode:

Fingerprints at the crime scene lead DI Hardy and DS Miller to a shocking suspect in Danny's murder - his father. When questioned, Mark explains he had been there recently to repair a boiler, but his alibi for the night of the murder quickly falls apart. Meanwhile, Steve Connelly approaches Beth claiming to have a message - from her dead son. Detective drama, starring David Tennant, Olivia Colman, Andrew Buchan, Jodie Whittaker and Will Mellor.

A Selection Of Comments From Facebook:

    • Eddy Cooper god damnit! tell me who did it already! although I don't want the series to end so... take your time and pad it out... but I want to know the killer... but... I'm so confused.
    • Dave Tappenden Not as good as bacon and eggs but pretty dam close.
    • Alison Curtis It's great , wondering where Pauline quirks character is going !!! Something not right there she has the skateboard
    • Pip Graham This is one programme that doesn't let me fall asleep!! love it.
    • Hannah Ostridge Bit eerie, always find spirit talk wierd, David is brill in this, I Wonder when and how he'll tell Ellie her son is lieing!  can't wait for next week.
    • Chris Butler a boat burning, there was a clue.......
    • Heather Morgan Absolutely Brilliant  best drama for a long long time, hope we get more like this, David Tennant is an A1 actor
    • Joshua Bosley Incredibly good!...My money is on DS Miller's Husband, he's the one.
    • Denise Elizabeth Jeremy DS Miller's son knows. Fab series. Love you David.xx
    • Clare Crane Loved it. David is brilliant, as expected. Really hope we get to know what Miller's son knows soon.
    • Sally Hughes Omg I loved it David is an amazing actor and I can't wait till next week. The writers have written such good scrips and the all the actors are perfect
    • Diane Johnson Love it , yea David is brilliant as always , best drama in ages you just can't wait for the next one !!!
    • Jasmine Couzins Wonderful! Tom seems a little suspicious but it's hard to tell! I wonder what happened with Hardy. Can't wait for next week!
    • Jo Walmsley Loving it! Best crime drama since Messiah!
    • Lorraine Johnston Worth the wait after all the ads! David superb as ever! Great story!
    • Jenny Ayres Just as u think u have cracked it!!!!!
      Fab episode. Its such a gripping drama and touching.
    • Katie Harvey oh my god it's soooooo good. really makes you think. gets the grey cells working.
    • Jill Miller love, love, love...can't wait till next week!!! Have to say that this has got to be the best thing that I have watched in a long time...David Tenant plays the character so well....Roll on next monday night  xx
    • Jamie Taylor Im hooked already!
    • Julie Carter It's not explained the postman yet...I'm waiting for that!
    • Claire Jones Riveting, and David Tennant is so moody and down beat in this part, it shows what a great character actor he is.
    • Natalie West Trust no one!
    • Donna Gray very intense,it makes you feel so involved and my brain is doing overtime with a huge list of suspects, I change my mind from week to week and of course its the best thing on tv at the moment just because the brilliant and gorgeous Tennant is in it 
    • Liz Moetbabe Bowman David did it.......
    • Victoria Linda Pringle David Tennant plays anything brilliant but this is astonishing! (:
    • Hannah Maddams Too much drama!! I don't think it can get more dramatic!!
    • Julia Turner That was a brilliant episode, so many if's and buts.
    • Amanda Canup I’ll see your creepy psychic telecommunications tech and raise you a plumber with a crossbow and a burning boat. What?! I’m not even going to bring up the meeting with the doc. My brain hurts!
    • Rose Mcleish Love it . Wish it was on twice a week mondays a long way a way
    • Patricia Gardener Awesome. Just wish the ITV announcer would shut up I want to hear the credits music in full This is a must-see every week now and David is playing a complete ***hole which is so unlike him - brilliant acting!! Love spotting our local locations too!
    • John Vince Three episodes gone, five to go. How many more twists and turns to go ? Olivia Colman and David Tennant are absolutely brilliant !

    A Selection Of Comments From Twitter:
      •  OMG is just getting better every week, love David Tennant and Olivia Coleman they r a gr8 team, writing impeccable xx
      •   omg who did it !!!
      •  Loving so many twists and turns... David Tennant is also amazing as always!
      •  Loving every second of Broadchurch as something new or unexpected unfolds each week!!
      •   OMG I've just watched all 3 episodes of Broad church back to back...EPIC amazing, brilliant.

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