Fan Reaction: Broadchurch Episode Four

Last night saw Episode Four of David Tennant's crime drama, Broadchurch, air on ITV. 
We asked fans on our Twitter and Facebook pages what they thought of the drama, thanks to all of you who replied, we loved reading all your thoughts and theories don't forget to join the chat over on our Facebook fan page here: 

About the episode:
Local journalist Olly investigates Jack, the newsagent for whom Danny did a paper round - and discovers a suspicious previous conviction. Meanwhile, Beth and Mark try to get more national press coverage of their son's death in an attempt to find his killer, and Hardy goes for dinner with Miller and her husband, but blacks out in his hotel room later that evening. 

A selection of your comments:
  • Maxine Palmer Loving every minute. Can't wait to see what happens with mr psychic, Will Mellor. Do you believe him or not???
  • Joshua Moore Brilliant! Best drama ever! Perhaps the vicar??
  • Sue Smith I change my mind every episode ....really enjoying it, a good old whodunnit! Was good to see the three Doctor Who actors sat on the bench together. David Tennant NEVER fails to impress.
  • Tracy Wignall this story is amazing, great acting from all involved. We think it could be this person when it's snother. Great storyline and i'm waiting now for the story to unfold. It's both exciting and frustrating too thinking who killed Danny.
  • Donna Betty Punter Its great ...its also reminding me of the wicker man .. Would like to watch it in one one big fat duvet day.
  • Sarah Taylor I think this series is fabulous a gripping Criminal Drama at it's best with a faultless cast.. I believe Jack is innocent ..the vicar is involved with Tom's dodgy deleted computer files and my main number 1 murder suspect is Nigel the plumber ..closely followed by Ellie's husband as 2nd choice.. The rest of the week takes ages to come around waiting for the next episode ...sigh lol..
  • Linda Storey Twists & turns never end and vicar or Susan/Elaine strong contenders.
  • Michelle Wright I think its all of them lol I keep changing my mind!! love it great drama every Monday on the edge of my seat, want to know who and why but same time don't want it to end, xxx
  • Cynthia Vela I love it. i love the acting, specially David's. I love that everytime i think he's done his best he does something to surprise me. There's no limit to his talent. He was born to do what he's doing.
  • Leyla Smith I wanna know who killed Danny!!! Gahhhh it could be any of them! David Tennant is awesome in it!
  • Jo Liles For a small village, they've got loads of weirdos! The vicar, the plumber, the dodgy cockney in the caravan, the father, the person who gets messages! But I reckon it could be the police woman's son, some weird cult thing going on, almost like wicker man!
  • Jean Stanley Its really well done I just haven't a clue!
  • Kirstie Porteous Its doing my head in!!!!!! Not since taggart have i been banging my head against a brick wall thick with theories!!! Well done writers and actors xxx
  • Wendy Peachie Burns Every week I change my mind as to the killer, great acting and great story can't wait for next week x
  • Amanda Canup "Are you religious? Ah, yeah. I pray every night you will stop asking me questions." Brilliant! Nice to see a different side of Hardy - he can laugh! I just hope he survives long enough to figure out who did it! I haven't, that's for sure - too many twists, turns, and threats.
  • Alison Tansley Been hooked from the first episode and keep changing my mind on the killer.
  • Nick McNulty Quite happy to go along with the plot for now - I am just marvelling at the remarkably high quality of acting and how the tension is simmering below boiling point already. Priceless drama - thank you to all. xx
  • Lyndsey Smith I have no idea I normally click right away who the killer is but fair play this is keeping me guessing, don't think it's the old man but I do think there are a few involved, it's got something to do with the woman cops son, something has happened and I think the two kids were covering it up, fair play David tennant is amazing as usual x
  • Bru Zanelli I have never been so unsure! By this time I usually have a pretty good idea of the culprit. Right now I have a list as long as my arm!
  • Jill Ratcliffe It was brilliant. I've been on board from day 1 and LOVE David to bits!! xx

Broadchurch continues on Monday 1st April at 9pm on ITV