Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode To Film In April

Tom Spilsbury has revealed on Twitter that filming for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode won't start filming until April. The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine stated that filming would begin on 18th March (tomorrow) but Tom says the date was changed after the magazine had already gone to press. He also says that he is unaware of when the read through will take place. (Thanks to @mattsmithcom for the heads up)

Nick Hurran will direct the episode which will also be available in 3D.
Executive Producer Caro Skinner says that just four words can sum up the episode: "It. Will. Be. Big"

Speculation that David Tennant and the other previous Doctors and their companions will be returning to join Matt Smith has been rife in the press, but nothing has been confirmed about any casting for the episode...

David spoke to Time Out London recently and reiterated that he has not yet heard from producers about returning to the show for a cameo appearance.
Freema Agyeman took to Twitter to deny her involvement in the drama and Peter Davison says he doesn't expect to be involved in the episode.
John Barrowman however stated on This Morning that he is in talks with the producers...

Matt Smith was interviewed on The Jonathan Ross Show last night and when pressed to give away info on the episode he gave a one word clue 'Paintings'

The new series of Doctor Who starring Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman starts on Saturday 30th March.


  1. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD -heart attack- <3 <3

  2. would love to be an extra on this, I love Russell T Davis and the David Tennant episodes of Dr who, Torchwood and not forgetting the wonderful Sarah Jane adventures with Elisabeth Sladen (RIP) x

    Congrats BBC on 50 years of Making people hide behind the couch and Blowing my Curious Mind Every single time with plot twist you only see on the big screen and moment that shock you with excitement. Trust one show that put all my favorite actors on screen, Tony Head always an inspiration to watch, especially as a giant bat creature, Karen Gillen, Tennant, sladen, Piper,

    Here is to another 50 years.

    Daniel McCourt

    1. not forgetting John Barrowman what a man. triple threat, And Torch wood was the unseen underbelly of dr who that shocked people. Russel combining the both with plot twist relevant to each show. Children of Earth being amazing really pulled at my heart strings.

  3. Well all I got to say is it won't be big if David Tennant and some of the other doctors and some of the other companions are not their. Because Matt Smith alone is not enough to make it special or big, just sub-ordinary. Also Matt on the Jonathan Ross show makes it sound like he made Dr. Who world-wide and that he is the only one to go to Comic-con in USA - Not true- David Tennant, Russel Davies, and John Barrowman have all been to Comic-Con in 2009, and David Tennant got a 10 min. standing ovation.


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