David Tennant’s Red Nose Day Facebook Interview

David Tennant dipped a brave toe into the murky waters of social networking to take part in a Facebook interview for Red Nose Day, answering questions posed by the followers of the charity’s official page. David supplied a handful of answers before dashing off to appear on stage with Davidna McCall and John Bishop.

Read the questions and David’s answers below – David is posting as Comic Relief: Red Nose Day:

Comic Relief: Red Nose Day Message from David: hello, and stay tuned. Please ask away.

Louise Moffat do you like peanut butter?

Comic Relief: Red Nose Day @louise moffat Yes I love peanut butter

Alex Abley what hair product do you use david? Jack Lewis is desperate to know.

Comic Relief: Red Nose Day @alex abley Man stuff, a variety of waxes...not vaseline

Stacey Paul Will he marry me? lol x

Comic Relief: Red Nose Day @stacey paul Probably not!

Chris Hull Aside from yourself, who's your favourite doctor?

Comic Relief: Red Nose Day @chris hull Very difficult to answer politically. 4 and 5 are tied.

Damian Bird If you could go to any point in time what would it be and what would you do?

Comic Relief: Red Nose Day Damian Bird Tudor times and stop Henry the 8th falling off his horse

Sophie Jessup Why are you so bloomin gorgeous?

Comic Relief: Red Nose Day Sophie Jessup It's the waxes again!

Melanie Readings Will they pick a woman for Dr Who?

Comic Relief: Red Nose Day Melanie Readings Miranda Hart for the next doctor. lolz

Comic Relief: Red Nose Day Thank you very much everyone for your questions, but Red Nose Day needs me. Keep on watching!

Don't forget you can still donate to Red Nose Day in the following ways:

UK only - Text YES to 70005 to donate £5

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Phone 03457 910910

Visit the Red Nose Day website to donate online from the UK and overseas.

The money raised goes to help disadvantaged people in the UK and Africa.