Comic Relief: Funny For Money Attracts Over 12 Million Viewers

Friday's Red Nose Day telethon was watched by an amazing 12.2 million viewers at its peak, with an average of 9.87 million viewers (40.6% of the audience share) between 7 - 10.30pm. The peak audience came during Peter Kay's Sit Down challenge which aired between 8.15 and 8.30pm.

4.48 million viewers (26%) followed the show across to BBC Two at 10.30pm where they saw David Tennant ambush comedian John Bishop with a surprise kiss. The late slot, including David Tennant's studio appeal to viewers to donate to prevent the needless deaths of thousands of African children each year from preventable diseases such as malaria, brought in an audience of 2.4m (35%) until the close at 2am. 

Overall the BBC pulled in the biggest share of primetime viewers on Friday, with 38.6%. ITV came a distant second with 17.7%.

The Red Nose Day marathon raised a record breaking £75 million on the evening with donations still pouring in. It's still not too late to do your bit: visit the Red Nose Day website to see how you can help.All of the money raised goes towards projects for people in need across the UK and Africa.

Source: Digital Spy