Broadchurch's Arthur Darvill Talks To The Liverpool Echo About The Drama And David Tennant

Arthur Darvill has spoken to the Liverpool Echo ahead of tomorrow's premiere of Broadchurch.
Speaking about the fact that Chris Chibnall wrote the role of Rev Paul Coates with him in mind Arthur says:
"He came to me while I was filming in Cardiff and said 'I've written you a part in a new TV series, will you do it?' I thought, I can't say no to that, that's amazing! We chatted about it, we discussed where the character would go, and I just found it really interesting so I jumped at the chance. That's the first time anyone ever written anything for me; it was very humbling. It's quite an honour."

Talking of working with David Tennant Arthur adds "Working with David was great. He's brilliant actually. He's very different on this. I think he'll impress."

Broadchurch starts on Monday 4th March at 9pm on ITV1.

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  1. welllllll that would be NICE to tune it to see....BUT.....we in America DON'T GET ...ITV1
    putting it on BBCA as well would be more helpful....


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