Broadchurch: Your Top Ten Suspects So Far

Nobody following Broadchurch on ITV can have failed to have developed their own theory of who the killer might be. The series is now two episodes in and the secrets of the small seaside town are slowly starting to emerge following the discovery of a murdered boy on the beach. Last week we gave you the clues and asked you to let us know your chief suspects. So, who did you think is the culprit? Is Mark the murderer? Is the vicar as Godly as he seems? Will Susan be the psycho? And are even the police above suspicion? 

Check out your Top Ten Broadchurch Suspects below (contains spoilers)


1. Mark Latimer

Played by Andrew Buchan
At the moment all fingers seem to point to victim Danny Latimer's father Mark. He cannot explain his whereabouts on the night of the murder and his fingerprints have been found at the supposed scene. DI Hardy and DS Miller are poised to make an arrest, and many of you agree that they have the right man

You said:
Melissa Tran I think its the dad. He smiles too much.
Charlie MiniMorph Moorcroft i think the dad is having an affair with the women in the caravan and Danny found out so they killed him and that's why the skateboard is in the caravan
Samantha Smith I think the dad Mark is having an affair and Danny found out and followed his dad to see what was going on, so they killed Danny by accident in a struggle to keep him quite. I also think the mum Beth was having an affair and the baby she is carrying is not Marks.

2. Susan Wright 

Played by Pauline Quirke
Susan is an odd loner, forever lurking on the outskirts, apparently snooping and picking up scraps of information. She holds the keys to the hut where the police believe Danny was murdered and has a skateboard stashed away in her caravan that may be Danny's. 

You said:
Gustavo Madrigal Arthur's character and the dad are having an affair and Danny saw them but then the woman with his skateboard killed him when they left. Also his friend must have known otherwise why would he delete all his messages.
Kelly Gray i reckon it's pauline quirke's character because y would she have the boy's skateboard in her cupboard unless the boy's father blackmailed her 2 keep it there the suspense makes it more exciting xx
Karen Phillips I thought the father but then why has the caravan lady(Pauline Quirk) got his skateboard and why havent the caravans been searched ???

3. DI Alec Hardy

Played by David Tennant
Broadchurch has never had a murder before, so could it be more than just coincidence that a week after a big city cop with a track record in murder investigation arrives in town the mysterious death occurs? Hardy has arrived under something of a cloud following his last job and his behaviour towards others marks him out as something of a loner. His health is in question - what are the pills he keeps swallowing? And the photo of a young girl in his wallet suggests he has secrets of his own.

You said:
Ryan Martinez I think Alec Hardy as the killer would be the twist of twists. Hide in plain sight. Would explain his manic behavior. It's not that he's concerned, it's that he's hiding a conspiracy and trying really hard to make it look like he's not a part of it. 
Dave Kay I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be Alec Hardy the whole time and he's got like some sort of personality disorder, like split personality and doesn't even know he did it either.
Lorna Cousins It's DI Hardy. He murdered his daughter but got away with it and now he's come to Broadchurch and killed another child. The drugs ring has nothing to do with it, we're just being led to believe it's important.

4. Reverend Paul Coates

Played by Arthur Darvill
Many of you believe that the man of the cloth has chosen to ignore the commandment Thou Shalt Not Kill. Paul Coates is trying to be the voice of calm and support for the community, but is this all to cover up a darker side to his character?

You said:
Rachael Lizzie Harper I think it was Authur Darvill (the vicar) as he's just too nice and least how epic wud it be if the doctor arrested his companion ha ha  x
James Forward Almost entirely sure that it's Paul Coates the vicar (Arthur Darvill's character). My suspicion is that since activity in the church was rapidly dwindling, he killed the child and then offered support to the family - and televised it, no less - to raise support and activity and faith in the church. I think the dad punched him because he realised he was using Danny's death as a way to raise profile for the church - although he hasn't caught on that he was the one who set it all up in the first place.
Gerard Carney I am saying the Vicar; he seems to clean cut in a town where everyone has secrets.

5. Joe Miller

Played by Matthew Gravelle
Joe is Ellie Miller's husband, a stay-at-home dad who cares for the couple's kids while Ellie continues to work on the case. Until now he has appeared to be nothing but a normal, everyday and pleasant bloke - and this has been enough to raise suspicions in many of you

You said:
Diane Friend Female coppers husband. He's the father of the baby
Ben Homes Ellie's husband, have no reasoning but it would fit

6. Tom Miller

Played by Adam Wilson
Eleven year old Tom was murder victim Danny's best friend. Although the pathologist said that the killer was most likely to have been a man, Tom's reaction to learning about Danny's death was to delete phone messages and computer files. What does he have to hide? Is he protecting someone or could he be the killer?

You said:
@KarenRE4: yes thought it was the dad but too obvious so might be DS Millers son!? ?A dare or game gone wrong? Pos with someone else?
Linda Spedding Danny's friend has something to hide, a game or prank that went wrong, he is either a witness or the killer
Kellie Scott I think it's the coppers son me. The coppers son deleted all texts and emails so I think it's him

7. Dean Thomas

Played by Jacob Anderson
Dean is the secret boyfriend of Chloe, Danny's sister. Danny's Facebook updates suggest that he knew about their relationship. Dean seems to be mixed up in a few things and his reaction when he found out the police had discovered the cocaine in Chloe's room seemed to indicate he had something more to worry about

You said:
Sue Knight The boyfriend of the murdered boy's sister.Her family doesn't know about him.Maybe the boy knewabout the relationship and was blackmailing him
John Whitehouse the dead boy found out about his sister's boyfriend boyfriend didn't like it

8. Jack Marshall

Played by David Bradley
Jack runs the paper shop where Danny had his paper round, and helps out at the Sea Brigade where Danny was a member. He gave Hardy a witness account of an argument between Danny and the local postman, but the postman denied everything. So did Jack have some darker motives for apparently leading the police astray?

You said:
Alyson Gough Could be anyone. Newsagent, trying to put the postie in the frame to avert attention from him?
Dee Long its the shop owner....he's probably been inappropriate and the lad has confided in his mate

9. Kevin Green (The postman)

Played by Jack Ashton
Shop owner Jack pointed the finger at the local postie, and although Kevin could supply an alibi for the night of the murder, many of you still though he was connected to the case.

You said:
Morag Towndrow The postie! Pauline Quirk must be a red herring ... she's too good at nasty, isn't she? 

10 = Beth Latimer

Played by Jodie Whittaker
Tying for tenth place is Danny's mum Beth who has been devastated by his death. Some of you think that the tears are to hide her guilt

You said:
Deborah Harry The mother!! Someone we wouldn't usually be to quick to question!
Rachel Ellie's Mummy Harrison yeah i was thinking mom whats the last thing any mom does before going to bed always checks on her kids ask any mom xxxx

10 = Steve Connelly

Played by Will Mellor
Phone engineer Steve is the second of two suspects in tenth place. Steve approached the police with a message from Danny from beyond the grave. Or is he merely playing with them and feeding them clues to a murder he himself committed?

You said:
Maverick 'Moriarty' Jones It was probably the psychic and he totally did the previous murder that David Tennant's character keeps remembering!

Other Suspects

Other Broadchurch residents that came under your scrutiny

Olly Stevens
Played by Jonathan Bailey
Was Olly behind the killing to further his own career? Sarah certainly thought so: "He killed Danny so that he could get his big scoop and get a job on a national paper"

Becca Fisher
Played by Simone McAullay
Several of you thought that the hotelier might be having an affair with Danny's dad. When the boy discovered the truth she went to silence him.

SOCO Brian Young
Played by Peter de Jersey
He's in a perfect position to get away with murder. Rich said: "He could be planting evidence and making it up as he goes along !"

Other surprise culprits included the guy with the petition, the dog and 'everyone'.

Fortunately a few cast members been spared your accusations. DS Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman), Karen White (Vicky McClure), Liz Roper (Susan Brown), Maggie Radcliffe (Carolyn Pickles), Nige Carter (Joe Sims) and Chloe Latimer (Charlotte Beaumont) are all, in your eyes, squeaky clean and totally innocent. But will that all change after tonight's episode? Will new clues drag some new faces into the spotlight? And will some of your biggest suspects get off the hook?

Watch Broadchurch on ITV tonight from 9pm and see if your theories still hold up.

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