Broadchurch: Your Top Suspects This Week

The votes are in for your chief suspects in the Broadchurch murder enquiry following the new evidence delivered in episode 3 of the eight part drama. There's a new leader on the Board of Guilt as our armchair detectives try their best to work it all out before Detectives Hardy and Miller.

Check out the new list with some of your theories below  (contains spoilers)


1. Reverend Paul Coates

Played by Arthur Darvill
The town vicar seems too good to be true. A lot of you are working on the principal that it’s always the one that you least expect, so he’s sprung from a mid-table place to the top of the suspect list, just through being a gentle and caring man.
(Last week – No. 4)

What you said:
Emma Stoakes definitely the vicar. He has no other reason to exist in such a big role.

Alysia Szabo I figure it will be someone no one will see coming. I think it was the Vicar because he is in love with Beth and figured murdering her son would be a way for him to get closer to her during her mourning period. Just a theory though 

Hayley Smith I think its the reverend. Why? Because its always the reverend or the butler

Cheryl Neal The rev cos he's the only one that ain't acting suspicious & she trusts him

2. Tom Miller

Played by Adam Wilson
Kids! You turn your back on them for five minutes and just look what they get up to. Your evidence is based on him deleting all of his texts and emails. And we still don’t know why he had all that money under his bed.
(Last week – No. 6)

What you said:
Steph Axolotl Langley i think it was the lady detectives little boy he seamed very sneaky at the beginning

Linni Barnett I think its dannys mate who killed him, when danny turned round on the cliff he didnt look up at someone it was as if he was looking at someone the same height??

Maureen Edgar I'm going with the female detectives son I don't think they were friends and he was bullying danny or its been part of some gang joining ritual gone wrong

Amber Bain i think it was the best friend of danny because he seems always shy , like he is hiding something and he deleted all his messages to danny !!!!

3. Chloe Latimer

Played by Charlotte Beaumont
None of you suspected Danny’s sister Chloe at all last week, but after episode 3 you all think that she has something to hide. Not only is Chloe mixed up with secret boyfriend Dean and his underhand activities, she also knew about Mark’s affair and was keen to protect her dad. How far would she go?
(Last week – Unsuspected)
What you said:
Alison Hartman So who do we think done it ??? I am thinking the sister ?

Marion Kernachan  I have been thinking since ep 1 that it might be the sister but not entirely sure.

4. Dean Thomas

Played by Jacob Anderson
Dodgy Dean didn’t even appear this week, but enough people still believe that his dealings around Broadchurch, his drugs contacts and his concern about the police sniffing around are enough to make him a pretty likely candidate. Well, we knew he was a bad ‘un as soon as we saw his motorbike…
(Last week – No. 7)

What you said:
Angela Parton The daughters boyfriend, the daughter and the dad helped cover it up.

Kelly Isabrave Angel It was his sisters boyfriend !!! He made him run packages for him on his paper run but when he realised it was drugs he threatens to tell !!!!

5. Steve Connelly

Played by Will Mellor
Steve first came to attention as a weirdo attention seeker spinning a yarn to the incredulous detectives, but last week he became a more sinister and predatory character, targeting the grief-stricken Beth. It seems he was right about the boat – but did his ‘spirit guide’ really tell him, or did he know for another reason? Is he the real deal or a psychotic killer toying with the police?
(Last week – No. 10)

What you said:
Tony Lovell That psychic guy. I bet he taps phones with his BT skills and I bet he murdered the girl who's murder David Tennant tried to solve previously.

Tracey Kimber the 'physic' bloke.he knows too much.

Amy Nicht Nicht Hellspawn-Pointer ...the 'psychic'? He seems keen to place suspicion on the father...

6. Mark Latimer

Played by Andrew Buchan
Mark was last week’s top suspect, but it was obviously not going to be as simple as that. Mark’s alibi conveniently came at the eleventh hour in the shape of lover Becca, sending DI Hardy grumpily back to his suspects board and DS Miller into the sort of soaring relief that makes one invite the boss round for dinner. An adulterer he may be, but many of you now think that a murderer he is not
(Last week – No. 1)

What you said:
Jakki Byrne i think it was his father

7. Joe Miller

Played by Matthew Gravelle
Ellie’s too good to be true house-husband just has to have something to hide! Behind that façade of folding the laundry and taking the kids to the café there has to beat the stone cold heart of a killer. Surely. Certainly a number of you believe so.
(Last week – No. 5)

What you said:
Collette Martin i really think its joe and the texts on his sons fone was danny that he wanted to tell him something about his dad joe found out and killed danny

8. Beth Latimer

Played by Jodie Whittaker
Beth still hasn’t told the rest of her family about her pregnancy. She suddenly seems very willing to put her trust in the psychic in the hope of messages from Danny. Keep your eyes peeled for a piano player in future episodes…
(Last week – No. 10)

What you said:
Sue MacNeil My theory on the killer changes with every episode. I think the only one I haven't suspected is Danny's mum so is probably going to be her

9. Susan Wright 

Played by Pauline Quirke
In spite of possibly having Danny’s skateboard in her cupboard and possibly lying to the police about giving the hut keys to Mark and generally lurking around in an unpleasant manner, Susan has slipped down your suspect table this week. Will Snooping Susan turn out to be Psycho Susan? And is she worried about losing the title of Town Grouch to Hardy?
(Last week – No. 2)

What you said:
Jessica Scott I think it was that woman that lives in the caravan. I know they say the strangulation was caused by a man, but have you seen that woman?! She’s built like a man!

Gustavo Madrigal The woman in the caravan because I think Mark Latimer was telling the truth about having fixed the plumbing in the house that she has the keys to and she lied about it to make it look like he was the killer.

10. DI Alec Hardy

Played by David Tennant
Alec seems to have had a bit of a sympathy vote this week now you’ve all heard about his health issues. But remember, this could simply mean that a man with a damaged professional reputation has nothing to lose and may have turned to desperate measures. Or he could just be a miserable, chip hating bloke without a razor.
(Last week – No. 3)

What you said:
Kirsten Hepburn Skillen am i the only one thinking that he’s the murderer at this point

Ruth Touhey DT's character as he doesn't really want to get shoved into some backwater but wants to get back in the forces good books!

11. Nige Carter

Played by Joe Sims
The presence of the crossbow in the back of the plumber’s mate’s van seems to have raised your collective eyebrows. And so it should.
(Last week – Unsuspected)

12. Jack Marshall

Played by David Bradley
With Kevin the postman seemingly off the hook, we can only wonder why Jack apparently told a lie about spotting him arguing with Danny. Also, tabloid journo Karen seems to be looking for some sort of angle about him that can't be good
(Last week – No. 8)

13. Liz Roper

Played by Susan Brown
Lovely, sweet, protective grandma. She wouldn’t kill her grandson. Would she? Well, some of you thought so, even though she’s probably more likely to murder Family Liaison Officer Pete
(Last week – Unsuspected)

14. The owner of the hut

How come we don’t know who this is yet? Why have the police not identified them and questioned them as another keyholder to the building?
(Last week – Unsuspected)

15. DS Ellie Miller

Played by Olivia Colman
Last week she could do no wrong. This week she threatens to piss in a cup and throw it over DI Hardy and suddenly you think she’s a killer
(Last week – Unsuspected)

Other Broadchurch residents

Kevin Green (The postman)
Played by Jack Ashton
The police seem satisfied that Kevin’s alibi, corroborated by four other people, checks out. You all seem to have let him all off the hook too.
(Last week – No. 9)

Becca Fisher
Played by Simone McAullay
Becca is having an affair with Mark. Crime drama rules say that this is a Bad Thing and must be punished somewhere down the line.

The trio of journalists seem to have escaped your scrutiny this week:

Olly Stevens
Played by Jonathan Bailey

Olly is very keen to suck up to national reporter Karen to get his big break. We’re still holding out for him being the killer in order to get his big break.

Karen White
Played by Vicky McClure
Karen has defied her boss and gone AWOL from her national tabloid to chase down Hardy in Broadchurch and make him accountable for the collapse of the Sandbrooke case. What exactly does she have in mind?

Maggie Radcliffe
Played by Carolyn Pickles
A journalist with past national acclaim but now confined to reporting the mundane life of a small town. Does she want to go out on one last big story? Is this why she resents Karen being around?