Broadchurch Is The Sun's Pick Of The Day For Monday 11th March

The Sun has chosen Episode Two Of Broadchurch as their TV Pick Of The Day for Monday 11th March 2013.
The show will air on ITV tomorrow night at 9pm. The following article contains spoilers....


Pick Of The Day: Broadchurch 9pm ITV

DI Alec Hardy and DS Ellie Miller are no nearer to catching Danny Latimer's killer, but they're pretty close to strangling each other. However, as this gripping crime drama continues for a while yet, the duo will have to put their differences aside. Ellie might be in luck though, as Alec seems to be plagued by funny turns, causing him to pop a series of mystery pills and hold on to furniture to steady himself. He's also knocked for six when visiting phone engineer Steve (Will Mellor), reveals that he's received psychic messages from the murder victim. 
A little more helpfully, Danny's family have compiled their own whodunnit list, featuring pretty much everyone they know. Ellie suspects it's part of the Laitmers' grieving process, but Alec concludes they're trying to divert attention away from themselves. 
Could a member of Danny's family be responsible for his death?