Broadchurch Actor Matthew Stays Tight Lipped Over Killer Speculation

Welsh actor Matthew Gravelle knows the identity of the killer in ITV drama Broadchurch, but is refusing to reveal their identity. Matthew, who plays Joe, husband to Olivia Colman's police detective Ellie Miller, is sworn to secrecy, as is the rest of the cast and crew of the eight part series. The series also stars David Tennant, Arthur Darvill, Andrew Buchan, Jodie Whittaker, Pauline Quirke and David Bradley. 

“I couldn’t possibly tell you who did it. Lots of people have been asking me but my lips are sealed. We had to sign a contract saying we wouldn’t reveal the ending and we only found out ourselves when we got the scripts at the end of the penultimate episode,” he explains, “So during filming we all kept looking around, pointing our fingers and going, ‘I think it’s you!’ or ‘I think it’s him!’ We were just as hungry to know who did it.”

He describes his character as "a solid guy". Stay at home husband Joe cares for the couple's two children while wife Ellie is engrossed in the case to find the murderer of their son's best friend, Danny Latimer and struggling to keep a good working relationship with her abrasive new boss DI Alec Hardy (David Tennant)

Matthew, who has also appeared in Torchwood, Judge John Deed and The Baker Boys, says of the drama's stars, "Olivia is lovely to work with and so is David.” He also revealed that he had met David some time ago through his wife Mali Harries who had previously worked with him. “We had a few read throughs for Broadchurch and he kind of recognised me and then one day he said, ‘Oh my God, you’re Mali’s husband.’ He then knew that I wasn’t some kind of weird stalker who knew lots of stuff about him from years before!”

Broadchurch follows the impact of the murder of a child in a small, close-knit seaside community. The drama unfolds over eight episodes, during which time secrets and unpleasant truths about the town and its residents will slowly emerge. Joe sees the long time scale as a great positive. “I think people love the fact that it’s a murder mystery with a sense of community. They can empathise with a lot of the people. Because it’s being screened over eight episodes, you have to invest a lot of time in it so you get to really know the characters,” he says.

Broadchurch continues on TV tomorrow night at 9pm

Source: Wales Online