Arthur Darvill Talks To Digital Spy About Broadchurch And David Tennant

Arthur Darvill has spoken to Digital Spy about his role as local vicar Paul Coates in the new eight part ITV drama series Broadchurch. He said of being offered the role by writer Chris Chibnall, 
"Chris came up to me on the set of Doctor Who and said, 'I've written you a part in my new TV show - would you like to do it?' - so that was an amazing honour. I think Chris is such a brilliant writer and this is a huge thing for him - it's so brilliantly written, so I would've been an idiot to have turned it down!"

The drama has an impressive ensemble cast which includes David Tennant, Olivia Colman, Vicky McClure, Andrew Buchan and Jodie Whittaker. Arthur also talked about working with David Tennant, who plays investigating officer DI Alec Hardy, and the anticipation among Doctor Who fans of this former Doctor and former Doctor's companion working together for the first time. 

"Yeah, we do share scenes," he said. "David's not a very well-liked character in the series, he's an outsider coming to investigate quite a sensitive subject. He's quite blunt at times and our characters really don't get on. That's all I can really say - our personalities within the show don't fit together very well at all. Whereas actually, we get on really well!
“We've got a couple of really great scenes together actually - I haven't seen the final versions… but yeah, there's some really good stuff."

On the frequent comparisons between Broadchurch  and Danish drama The Killing, Arthur added, " I don't think they're the same show at all, but there are similarities and it's good to be compared to something so brilliant. Broadchurch is very different, but it's equally as good as The Killing - if not better."

Broadchurch begins at 9pm on Monday 4th March on ITV. Find out more about the series here