Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited Repeated On BBC America Today

BBC America will be repeating the first of their exclusive new Doctor Who specials later today. Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited - The First Doctor, covering William Hartnell's era, is the first in a monthly series which will cover every incarnation of the Time Lord.

Stars and producers of the show including David Tennant, Steven Moffat, Neil Gaiman, Caroline Skinner and John Barrowman contribute to the programme, discussing the first meeting with the Doctor, the growth of his character as he learns to travel with his human companions and the first ever look at the TARDIS. David Tennant says of the first incarnation:

"William Hartnell as the doctor was very stiff-collared and frock-coated, very much the Edwardian gentleman. He was from another era. It's possibly quite surprising for an audience who knows the show now to look back and see that's how the Doctor started."

The documentary also explores the introduction of the Daleks, a low-budget creation that has become one of the programme's most iconic symbols. David says of their worldwide infamy:

"You have people who have never seen Doctor Who who know what a Dalek is."

Watch the episode trailer here:

Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited - The First Doctor can be seen today at 4pm/3c on BBC America and is followed by a screening of William Hartnell story The Aztecs. There  is a repeat screening of the documentary and The Aztecs from 3am/2c on Thursday morning.


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