David Tennant Character Valentines Poll

As it's Valentine's Day next week we will be running a series of articles looking at lurve.. and  first up we thought we would find out which of the character's that David has portrayed  you would like to spend your Valentine's Day date with.
Perhaps you'd be keen to spend time with the Tenth Doctor and let him take you for a spin in the TARDIS, or perhaps an evening with the legendary lover Casanova is more your thing...
We'll let you know the winner on Valentine's Day and do a special photo spam of the character of your choice, so get voting!

Which of David Tennant's characters would you like to go on a Valentine's Day date with?

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  1. It was quite hard to choose between some of the roles. I'm glad his role in Secret Smile wasn't an option though, that would have been disturbing. ^_^


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