Watch David Tennant In Episode One Of Spies Of Warsaw Tonight At 9pm On BBC Four

It's finally here, Spies Of Warsaw, starring David Tennant as Jean-Francois Mercier starts this evening on BBC Four at 9pm. 
It will be repeated on BBC HD on Saturday 12th January at 11pm and on BBC Four on Monday 14th January at  23.45pm.
The action will conclude in Episode Two on Wednesday 16th January at 9pm on BBC Four.

Spies Of Warsaw is released on DVD in the UK on 21st January 2013. Click here to pre order your copy.
A TV tie book of Spies Of Warsaw, featuring David Tennant on the cover is out now.

Learn more, view photos and videos and find out David's thoughts on the drama in our Spies Off Warsaw section on here.

About Episode One:

It is 1937, and Colonel Jean-Francois Mercier, a highly decorated soldier from the First World War, is the military attaché stationed in Warsaw, Poland while the shadow of Hitler’s Nazi regime looms over mainland Europe.
Mercier is grossly suspicious of the German military’s intentions, but he must juggle his formal duties at stifling diplomatic functions with the often death-defying realities of espionage.
With intelligence from his German informant Edvard Uhl, Mercier sets out on a stealth mission with his trusted accomplice Marek, where they discover that the Nazis are ensuring any future invasion of Poland can take place effectively and with little resistance. Mercier almost gets caught and killed during the mission, narrowly escaping, and thereby facing the wrath of French bureaucrat Jourdain, who is anxious to avoid the further heightening of diplomatic tension.
Amid the threat of a second world war, Mercier is also vying for the affections of Parisian lawyer Anna Skarbek, currently in an empty-shell relationship with Russian Émigré and political journalist Maxim. As Mercier and Anna’s relationship develops, it is clear that she must choose between both men. But will Mercier’s feelings for Anna jeopardise his mission and can she be trusted?
With David Tennant as Jean-Francois Mercier, Janet Montgomery as Anna Skarbek, Marcin Dorocinski as Antoni Pakulski, Piotr Baumann as Maxim Mostov, Ludger Pistor as Edvard Uhl, Miroslaw Zbrojewicz as Marek, Burn Gorman as Jourdain, Alan Corduner as Viktor Rozen, Linda Bassett as Malka Rozen and Ann Eleonora Jørgensen as Olga Musser.

Watch a clip (UK Only):