The Minor Character Repeated On Sky Arts 1 Tonight

David Tennant's 2012 drama, The Minor Character, is repeated on Sky Arts 1 and Sky Arts 1 HD tonight at 9pm. You can also catch it at 2am tomorrow morning.

About the show:
David Tennant stars as Will, an artist who observes life in minute detail. His dry commentary ranges from witty engagement to a casual erosive critique of his social set: the urban-suburban, middle-class landscape of his middle-aged friends. Over a series of dinners, drinks and parties, we witness the shifting sands of friendship, marriage, love and lust, and the complexity and corruptness of London circles through Will's eyes. All the while, he entertains us with his reportage and offers us the privilege not only of his profound, inner thoughts, but also of an impartial, outward look into this microcosm of debauchery and selfishness. As the clock cycles on, dreams are broken, relationships are ruined, misfortune strikes, and we, the spectators, are overwhelmed by the randomness and absurdity of life.

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  1. Wish this would be shown on one of the BBC channels.


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