Spies Of Warsaw: The Telegraph Talk To David Tennant

The Telegraph have spoken to David Tennant about his new series Spies Of Warsaw which begins on BBC Four at 9pm tonight.

Interviewed on the Warsaw set of the pre-war drama, David speaks of how it felt to recreate 1930s Berlin in the streets of a city that was decimated by World War II.

“They were hanging up banners with swastikas. There was something terribly chilling about seeing people come out of their dressing rooms in full Nazi regalia…I have to say, the locals were very understanding.” He said

Writers Ian La Frenais and Dick Clement were also interviewed on how they enjoyed the challenge of adapting a novel in a genre of fiction that is new to them. They say Furst's work contains: "...Great plots. Wonderful characters. And that sense of uncertainty surrounding everything; particularly with the romance that you get here, which gives it that quality of Casablanca– of love that’s threatened by events.”

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