Spies Of Warsaw Co-Stars Praise David Tennant

David Tennant's Spies Of Warsaw co-stars Marcin Dorocinski and Miroslaw Zbrojewicz have positive things to say about working with him during the filming of the new World War II espionage drama.

Marcin, who plays Antoni Pakulski, the Polish counterpart to David's French secret agent, was interviewed for the Polish TVP website and was asked what it was like playing scenes with David. He replied:

"Excellent. He's a very warm person, welcoming and likeable. I think that it is impossible to dislike David. I only have good things to say about him because he is friendly and a great actor"

Miroslaw Zbrojewicz plays Colonel Mercier's driver in the drama. He said of David:

"He's a fantastic actor. I must admit that I don't watch TV that often and I especially watch very few TV series. Therefore I didn't know at first who David Tennant was. And then it turned out that he is this mega star"

Watch Spies Of Warsaw on BBC Four from 9th January and on TVP1 from 11th January, and look out for it coming soon to BBc America, Arte France and UKTV Australia.

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