Live Feed From The Project Motor Mouth Panel & Auction With David Tennant

We're currently at the Guest Chat with David Tennant  at the Doctor Who fan convention, "Project Motor Mouth" in Slough.
Below are a collection of our live tweets from the panel with David Tennant, Janet Fielding, Peter Davison, Paul McGann and Sylvester McCoy:

  • The Doctors' talk has now started - Peter Davison  chatting about working with Janet Fielding
  • Sylvester McCoy remembers working with Janet and the late Ken Campbell
  • Paul McGann recalls filming night shoots on Doctor Who while Janet was his agent
  • David Tennant remembers watching Janet Fielding on TV as a 10 year on - and as an agent who didn't want to take him on early in his career!
  • David Tennant says that Janet Fielding has always been enormously good fun and he's delighted to support her project
  • David Tennant is asked about a return to an RSC stage soon 'Stay tuned' he says
  • Coming up next for the Doctors - Peter Davison has Lewis & a new series of Law & Order
  • Sylvester McCoy has more filming for The Hobbit in New Zealand coming up. Paul mcGann in Ripper Street
  • David Tennant talks Broadchurch - there will be a filmed poster: "Harry Potter has actually arrived!"
  • Janet Fielding has now joined the Doctors on stage
  • Janet Fielding is straight in for an on stage kiss with David Tennant "Sorry girls, perks of being a companion!"
  • Asked about pets - Sylvester McCoy confesses to sticking his two pet ferrets down his trousers
  • David Tennant has no pets but an infestation of ladybirds "Don't eat them, they're poisonous!" he advises
  • David Tennant asked about the differences between a live Hamlet & filmed Hamlet. "You don't have to shout as loud"
  • David Tennant asks Janet Fielding what the biggest lie that she's ever told a client. She declines to answer as one of her clients is there!
  • Peter Davison reveals that in the old days there was a rule of no hanky-panky in the TARDIS - unlike today
  • David Tennant and Janet Fielding are at odds about how frisky it is in the new series."It's a genetic transfer! All for a reason, no nookie"
  • David Tennant talks Tree Fu Tom and how amazing Sophie Aldred is
  • EXCLUSIVE: David Tennant WILL NOT be taking part in the next series of Tree Fu Tom. His schedule won't allow it
  • David prefers the time travelling episodes of Doctor Who - would live to go back in time and have a word with himself.
  • Janet Fielding wants to go back in time & put women in charge David Tennant raises the issue of Margaret Thatcher.
  • What does Doctor Who mean to them? Peter Davison- it just becomes part of your life. He speaks lovingly of the amazing fanbase
  • Peter Davison cannot now imagine life without Doctor Who
  • Sylvester McCoy had no idea what to expect from the job and was astounded at the experience of his first convention. "It's a delight!"
  • Paul McGann - I was the Doctor for 6 weeks so it all seems out of all proportion to him. He was terrified at his first convention
  • David Tennant says it's hard to say how much it has influenced his life as he doesn't think it's finished influencing him yet
  • David Tennant - it took a bit of considering - it wasn't like accepting any other job. But the positives hugely outweighs the negatives
  • The Doctors celebrate being on stamps. "People want to lick the back of our heads" says Sylvester McCoy
  • The Doctors' talk is now over - but they are now helping out with the auction
  • David Tennant is now showing a previously undiscovered skill as an auctioneer 
  • Chief auctioneer David flogs an autographed mini TARDIS for £520. Says he's a spent force now!
  • Peter Davison now taking bids on a 'Blink' script signed by David Tennant & Steven Moffat. Sold for an amazing £1000!!!
  • Janet Fielding is now auctioning off the dress that she is wearing, originally worn in Warriors Of The Deep. Paul McGann gets it up to £1760
  • Sylvester McCoy leads bids for a picture sent by the absent Frazer Hines signed by him  and Janet Fielding Sold for £125
  • David Tennant now auctions a signed Dreamland script. Gone for £400! "it's really hard this, isn't it? It looks easy on the telly!"
  • Keeper of Traken script raises £725
  • Paul McGann leads the auction for a day at Big Finish with Tom Baker & Louise Jameson Sold for £850!


  1. Sounds like it was a lot of fun for everyone. :) Wish I could have been there to watch it all.


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